October 28, 2021

How We Decide on a Paint Color + Our Mississippi Primary Bedroom Plan

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Even though we have don’t have a functioning shower, sinks, or toilet in our bathroom yet, it feels like we’re finally getting close to finishing up this huge project! As we complete the last few things (and wait for some others that are out of our control), we’re going to start tackling our bedroom. We’ve been sleeping in the guest bedroom for months now to avoid any fumes and dust from the bathroom reno and while we’re out of there, we just want to get this done too. Our goal is to get the room done quickly with a finished result we desire. We so badly want to be back in our bed and our stuff all back in its designated place!

Finalizing the design plan for this room was way harder than we thought it would be. We tend to stick towards white/neutral colors on the walls but we had the desire to switch things up in here despite what I shared on this design plan HERE. A big positive with moving often is that we get to do try different colors/styles/new things in the homes that we renovate. It’s really fun! And worst case scenario, it’s only paint!! With that in mind, we started to narrow down color options. We wanted it to be something that would flow well with the bathroom and was a bit moody but we didn’t want to do the same black that we did in the entryway (which we love, by the way). We agreed that we’d do some sort of green. From there, it was just a matter of choosing which one.

There are quite a few different moody colors that we debated. First we gathered paint cards from various stores and taped them on each wall of our room which helped us determine we definitely wanted green. Based on those cards, we determined we wanted a moody, dark green. Next we got 4 paint samples and I put a swatch of each on each wall in the room. This is because the walls all get hit by the light pouring in a bit differently. Make sure to do two coats and let the paint dry completely before making your decision! Also look at the swatches in artificial light and natural light! The colors will change based on the lighting!

These are the samples we narrowed it down to:

Which one do you love? Stephen and I both decided without really any debate at all that we were going to go with Benjamin Moore Vintage Vogue. We like that it doesn’t have blue undertones and how it looks during night and day. It’s like a chameleon color. We plan on doing it in a flat finish because the room tends to have a lot of glare and the walls have a lot of dings. I’m going to try to fix them as I patch the walls but it’s just a lot of nail pops peeking through. As a rule of thumb, the more matte the paint, the more it’ll hide imperfections.

This is what we’re planning on doing with the rest of the room. I shared here how I make my design plans and why I ALWAYS do them before starting a project!

Green Primary Bedroom

To add some character to the walls, we are going to do board and batten similar to what we did in the entryway but instead of stopping it 4′ up, we’re going to do it all the way to the ceiling. We weighed a lot of different options to add character to the room but ultimately chose this one because not only is it going to be the least expensive (other than nothing at all) but it also will take us the least amount of time. We believe we’ll love the finished look of this just as much as the other options we were considering! We’re going to start the entire makeover by removing the texture from the ceiling which will make it feel like new. You can read about how we do that in this post. Once the ceilings are removed, the batten is installed, and the walls are painted, we are going to remove the carpet and replace it with this luxury vinyl plank. It’s going to make such a big difference! Other than that, my plan is to use pretty much everything we already own except for a couple of new pillows. Even though we won’t be incorporating a ton of new things, it will look completely different than our bedroom in South Carolina! I’m excited to switch it up a bit.

What we’re starting with (right now it’s an extra wreck because of the bathroom reno!):

Bedroom BEFORE

We’re excited to get this started and take you all along with us! Before we do that though, we’re determined to finish the shower tile! We’re sharing all of that over on @jordyjean as we go. Thanks for stopping by today! I so appreciate you.

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