February 9, 2021

Mississippi Entryway Makeover

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We’ve lived in the Mississippi house for almost five months now! Time is flying. We have a lot of work to do on this 1980’s home to freshen it up a bit. We started in the guest bedroom (I’ll share more on that later!) and moved onto the entryway. Removing the textured ceilings in the guest bedroom was quite the task so I think we both just wanted to work on smaller space next to hone in on our removing-textured-ceilings-skills. The entryway is also the first thing you see when you step into our home of course so we liked the idea of tackling that space next.

Do you guys remember the board and batten we added in the South Carolina home? It’s an inexpensive project that adds a lot of character. We knew that we wanted to do another round in this house but with a little twist. Here’s the design board I put together before we started in here. I do this with every space we work on to save us time and money!

stool | painting | welcome home sign | light | wallpaper

First on the list was to remove the textured ceiling. This part is/was not fun at all. Slowly but surely we plan to do this to the entire house. It’s dark in the house to begin with and the texture on the ceilings creates shadows to make it seem even darker. I’ll share more on how we do this once we prefect our method! Here’s how the room looked when we started scraping:

Black board and batten

Months ago when I started designing this space, I came up with a plan in my mind of doing black board and batten. I thought through how I would propose the idea to Stephen because I wasn’t sure on how he’d respond. I said, “So… I have kind of a crazy idea for the entryway.” He said, “What….” and I replied, “What if we do the board and batten something other than white? Something a bit more dramatic?” He said, “Okay… Are you thinking black?” I looked at him and hesitantly said, “Maybe…” and without a second to spare he said, “Okay! Let’s do it!” I didn’t think it would be that easy! HA! So here we are! We painted this Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black in a satin finish. I decided for us to paint all of the molding and doors the same black to make a big, seamless statement in a small space! White trim/doors would’ve broken it up so the board and batten would’ve looked more “out of place”. I wanted it to look like it belonged here!


We shared the tutorial for the black board and batten HERE or you can read about we did this version in the South Carolina home HERE.

I knew that I wanted to add something above the board and batten so I went on the hunt for the perfect wallpaper. When I saw my friend Brooke from @nestingwithgrace share her new wallpaper line, I knew as soon as I saw it (back in June) that we’d go with the Ditsy Floral wallpaper! I wanted something different but that wasn’t too overwhelming in the little space and I believe it is perfect for that.

My biggest tip with wallpapering – find a way to turn off the perfectionist, type A personality. Seriously! No wall is perfect (even in our brand spankin’ new house they were far from it) so you can’t expect for your wallpaper to be either.

For the final touches we replaced the outdated light with this one! We are so impressed with its quality and size, especially for the price. We also added these hooks and I spray painted with this Champagne Bronze spray paint. These hooks are the easier route (I found them after I had spray painted the hooks!)! Not only do we like the way they look but we love that they’re functional. I’m all about functional decor.

Black Board and Batten

I decided not to add any artwork like I originally planned. The wallpaper serves as artwork on its own!

Entryway Makeover

I painted our thrifted bench white when we lived in South Carolina. White works in here but I think I’m going to paint it to add some color. I’m either going to paint it Magnolia Home Emmie’s Room or Sherwin. Williams Abalone Shell which will match our front door.

Eventually we are going to replace all of the floors with LVP (luxary vinyl plank). It’s going to look even better when that happens!

Paint colors:

  • Board and batten is SW Tricorn black satin finish
  • Crown molding is BM Chantilly Lace in a glossy finish
  • Ceiling is BM Chantilly Lace in a flat finish
  • Champagne Bronze spray paint for hooks
  • Front door is SW Abalone Shell

I hope this inspires you in some way! Feel free to comment or message me on Instagram if you have any questions. Stay well, friends.

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