February 13, 2018

Our New Home: Building Progress February 2018

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YOU GUYS! We’re down to the last month of the home build! We can barely contain our excitement at this point. This month is especially a big deal because of all of the “big” things that are going in. Well, actually, everything is relatively big when building a home but these things feel extra special to us considering how pretty they are and how they make this space feel like our HOME!

Things in the works since our last update:

  • Paint – Since we picked all of the options out for the house months ago, I was having a hard time remembering what the paint color looked like. All I could remember about it was that I made my decision quickly. As it turns out, I made a good one! The color is Frosty White by Sherwin Williams. I love it more and more every time I step foot in the house. Don’t be fooled by the title! It’s not a bright white like I thought it would be (I actually double checked the paint can because I thought it was wrong!). It’s the perfect neutral with a very slight hint of blueish gray. My kind of color! FYI: It goes on much gray-er than it looks when it dries.
  • Plumbing – Funny story… I walked into the house the other day after work (with my dad on FaceTime) and heard water beneath my feet. Since it had rained all day my first thought was *cuss word*. I immediately started looking up in somewhat of a panic. I ran through every room in the house until I reached the master bath and found that water was overflowing from the shower. Needless to say, the landscapers didn’t realize the plumbing wasn’t completed yet and caused the mini flood. We’re very glad our floors hadn’t been installed yet! We’re also very thankful for dehumidifiers! Oh the joys of building a house…
  • Lighting – Some of you might be like oh my gosh WHY?! when I say this but most of the lighting that comes with the house will actually be changed fairly quickly after we move in… We picked the most basic package when customizing everything (aka what automatically came with the build) because we knew that we’d change them anyway. We’ve found so many good lighting finds from thrift stores and sales! We think they’ll really help us tie in our own style to the space.
  • Hardware – Borrrrring but necessary and ridiculously expensive (just being blunt here). I’ll be much more picky about this if we build our forever home someday but for now we just picked the most inexpensive option.
  • Shower Tile – We’re so happy with the way this turned out!
  • Crown Molding – This added a touch of elegance to the master bedroom and bath. I love me some crown molding…

There’s actually been even more completed since these photos were taken but we’ll save that for the next update in a few short weeks! Enjoy!

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Photography by Emily Ann Photography.

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