March 30, 2018

Our Imperfectly Perfect Home: March 2018 Update + Mini Rant

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It’s amazing to think that the last time I shared an update on the house, we didn’t even have flooring yet. Now we’re LIVING in it! How crazy is that…

Before you start to look at these photos and think, “What the heck, Jordan! Your house is so messy!” I want to say this… YOU’RE RIGHT! It is messy! But I’m honestly so tired of only seeing the “perfect” version of people and their lives on the internet. Would I love for my house to be beautifully decorated from top to bottom and spotless? Sure. But we’ve been living in this house now for 23 days now while working full time and with a limited budget so is that realistic to expect of us? No, it’s not. Even despite the time in here, why is the expectation to only share “the perfect” on the internet/social media? Well, I can answer that partially… People LOVE to see the pretty. I get it. But don’t we also realize that LIFE IS NOT PRETTY all of the time? Heck, not even a majority of the time!

One last thing… Why shouldn’t I share these real-time images of our home? We are so thankful for all of it! The mess, the clutter, the long list of projects we have planned, etc. Because do you know what? Not only have we worked hard to build this house but we’ve worked hard to buy or make all of the stuff in it. The mess? That’s called LIVING. And boy are we so thankful for that…

Anyway, my point is not to “hate on” people that only show the beautiful. It’s not. I’m just here to make it clear that I’ve decided that is NOT how I’m going to use this little space of mine on the internet. This is REAL LIFE, people. I hope that through my blog you feel comfort in knowing that your life doesn’t have to be perfect at all times by any means. Comparison is a thief of joy and the purpose of this space is to elevate life and spread joy so that comparison crap? That can walk itself right out the door.

Woof! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Now, with all of that said, welcome to our home.

The Kitchen:


The Living Room:

Kitchen Living Room Living Room 2 Living Room 3

The Office:


The Guest Bathroom:

Guest Bath

The Guest Bedroom:

Guest Room

Another Bedroom:

Guest Room 2

The Master Bathroom:

Master Bath 2 Master Bath

The Master Bedroom:

Master Bed

Photos are by Emily Ann Photography — I just have to say before I get off of here… Emily, THANK YOU! You really understand that my vision and purpose for this blog is to share all aspects of life, “perfect” and “imperfect”.  I think that if I had asked a lot of photographers to take these pictures they would’ve said, “You want me to take pictures of WHAT?!” but you jumped right in without hesitation so thank you.

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