December 29, 2017

Our New Home: Building Progress December 2017

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Hi guys! Happy Friday!

I haven’t really given much detail about this on the blog yet but I get a lot of questions about it so I figured heck, why not?

Many of you probably know from Instagram stories that Stephen and I are building a house in Columbia, SC, which is where we’ll be stationed for the next 3-4 years (depending on what the Air Force wants of course). It has been a really interesting experience. I mean, to be honest, buying a house wasn’t even on our radar. However, after assessing the Columbia area and doing tons and tons of research, we decided it was a smart decision for us to make. Not only did we decide to buy but we also found the perfect little neighborhood to build in. Two of our closest Air Force buddies are doing the same right across and down the street from us. We’re so excited!

There were a lot of decisions to make when building this home. We were able to choose the lot, floor plan, and everything in and on the house from top to bottom. This is like my bread and butter, you guys. I was in my happy place making all of these decisions. Although, I will say it is pretty nerve wrecking not knowing what the finished product will look like. Oh, and did I mention most of these decisions were made while we were living on the other side of the country? Woof.

We decided on a one story, 3 bedroom home. At this point in life, we don’t need any more than that especially since we know this is not our forever home. The floor plan is pretty open which will be really great when hosting family and friends!

The building process started a couple of months ago and we just had our pre drywall meeting the other day (via FaceTime). Here’s the progress on the house so far. We don’t have all of the rooms pictured but what you see is the garage, office/dining room, kitchen, living room, master, and master bathroom.

building a houseour first homebuilding a housebuilding a homebuilding a housebuilding a houseMaster bedroomMaster Bathroom

I hope you all have a SAFE and fun New Years! Enjoy every second of what’s left in 2017! It’s going so quickly.

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