January 3, 2018

The Bridesmaid Dress Experience with Azazie

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Azazie dresses

I’m so excited to finally be sharing this post with you all. Since the wedding I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the bridesmaid dresses we used and rightfully so! They turned out more beautifully than I ever imagined.

As someone that has been in multiple weddings and has paid a heck of a lot of money for bridesmaid dresses, it was REALLY important to me going into our wedding that my bridesmaids didn’t pay an arm and a leg for their dresses. Despite my expensive taste, I had faith that beautiful, inexpensive dresses existed somewhere out there. I just had to do some research to find them.

Some way or another I came across Azazie. YOU GUYS. This site was a GAME CHANGER! There are hundreds of different dress options that come in 63 different colors. Anytime someone asks me about the dresses and suggestions for where they should get their dresses, I always recommend Azazie. Our experience was amazing with them and this is why:

  • Swatches: I had a general idea of what color I wanted but since they offer so many color options, the first thing I did was order a few swatches to determine exactly which one we were going to go with. You simply choose the colors you want and they’ll send you swatches of those colors in all of the different fabrics that they offer. All of the options I received were beautiful but we eventually decided on sky blue.
    • Tip: I looked through so many of the customer photos on the website to see what blue hue I liked best (it was between mist and sky blue). Search through the pictures and find ones taken in natural light (versus a selfie in someone’s bedroom). That’ll give you the best indication of what the dresses will look like in real life.
  • Sample Dresses: Azazie offers sample dresses if you’re looking through all of the options and are like, “Ugh… I don’t know what would look best on me” or if you don’t know what size would be best. It’s only $10 a dress, you can keep the dress for up to a week and then you simply return the dress using a pre-paid label.
  • Variety of options: Did I mention Azazie has a lot of options? Check out their site here to see what I’m talking about. There’s really something for everyone. We also really loved how all of the backs are so different.
  • Sizing: When it came time to order the dresses there were two sizing options – order a standard size or a custom size. Custom sizing does not cost extra so all of my bridesmaids used this great feature. They even have an extra length option for high heels. I will say though, most of them had to get their dresses hemmed anyway because there was so much material left over. I think it’s still great though because it’s better to have more length than not enough!
  • Sewn-in cups: When we received the dresses we noticed that all of them had sewn in cups. This was AHHHHMAZING because the girls didn’t have to worry about sticky boobs or strapless bras yadda yadda. We were so impressed!!
  • Quality: Once again, we were so amazed at the quality of these dresses. Even the little details such as the buttons were precious.
  • Price: Each bridesmaid paid around $120 for their dress depending on which dress they ordered. Compared to the $200+ we’ve paid for previous weddings, everyone was really happy with the price point.
  • Customer Service: I had heard a rumor from a friend that used another dress company that it was smart to order all of the dresses together so that they were all dyed in the same batch. I really don’t think it’s THAT big of a deal. I mean holy cow that seems like such a small detail BUT since one of my bridesmaids was living abroad and ordered separately, I decided to ask them to see what they’d say. Azazie was so good about it and made sure the large order and smaller order were all made together so that there were no differences in the color. Like I said, a minuscule detail but I was so impressed with how great they were about it.

Not only was it really important to me that my bridesmaids didn’t pay tons of money for their dresses but I also really wanted them to feel comfortable and love what they were wearing on my wedding day. Once we had the color picked out, I let them choose their own dress but asked that they were all chiffon, floor length, and had a “higher neckline” (we got married in a Catholic church and I didn’t want to deal with them having to “cover up” or something like that. It really all depends on the church. Some don’t care, some do. It was just easier to have higher neckline and move on. Plus, it’s super classy! They all looked so incredibly beautiful!)

Weddings aside, these dresses would also be great for formal events! Somewhere down the line I’m most likely going to order a floor length, black or navy dress because they’re always so classy and good to have on hand. #militarywife With Azazie, you really can’t go wrong!

Sky Blue Bridesmaid dresses front

Back Azazie bridesmaid dresses

If you’re curious about the styles my bridesmaids chose (from left to right) –

  • Dakota wearing Ambrosia
  • Rhya wearing Nina
  • McKenna wearing Cailyn (she received SO many compliments on this dress!!!)
  • Katy wearing Kailyn
  • Jess wearing Frederica (as MOH we wanted her to be in something a tad “different” while keeping with the cohesive look. The lace top was a perfect little addition and so beautiful!)
  • Caro wearing Ginger
  • Krystal wearing Melody

Don’t they all look so beautiful?! Holy cow I love those humans.

I really hope this post helps! As always, let me know if you have any questions.

Shop more than 300 bridesmaid dresses in over 30 colors in your perfect size at Azazie.com

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