February 15, 2018

Every Day Makeup Essentials

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Every day makeup essentialsFive Minute Makeup Essentials

Happy Thursday, friends! Today we’re talking every day makeup essentials. I’m not going to go into the HOW just yet (don’t worry, it’s on the schedule) but I am going to start by sharing the products I use every single morning before I go to work in case you want to try some of these yourself. In general, my favorite thing about this little team of mine is that they enable me to complete my makeup in five minutes. As a sleep lover, that means a whole dang lot to me.

  • Estée Lauder Idealist – I’ve mentioned previously how much I love this stuff and that still rings true. Hello smooth complexion, bye bye large pores. Miss ya never.
  • Maskcara Palette – YOU GUYS. My mom got me this palette for Christmas (after I’d done hours of research of course) and it’s so great. It has everything I need all in one – concealer/foundation, bronzer, blush/lip and highlighter. It saves me so much time getting ready. I read and heard some reviews that said it didn’t cover well but I haven’t had that issue at all. However, I also don’t put tons on all over my face so I think my standards might be a bit different compared to other women’s.
  • Makeup Brushes – Maskcara Beauty sells a brush called the 30 Second HAC Brush that I wanted until I saw the price. I couldn’t justify spending $36 on a brush. It’s really two brushes in one but still, it seemed pretty steep to me so I went on Amazon to find other alternatives. I found these brushes and I’m so glad I did. For $8.99 I really don’t think they can be beat. They’re super soft and dense. I mainly use the two ones pictured above.
  • Mascara – I’m currently trying out this Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara but my go-to is still the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

Be on the lookout for a tutorial! As always, don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any questions! I can always be reached by email at jordanjeanblog@gmail.com.

Photos by Luck & Love Photography.

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