October 24, 2017

Life Lately: We Bought Some Dirt

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Tupta's new house

I mentioned about a month ago that Stephen and I had some big news to share eventually and that time has finally come… We bought some dirt! After we found out that we’re PCSing (for non-military people it basically means moving to another base) to Shaw AFB in South Carolina, we started looking for places to live. By default we automatically started searching for houses to rent. We’re currently renting in Arizona so it’s automatically what we thought about doing since we know we’ll move again in a few years. However, after searching and searching for places to live, we learned that the rental market in that area is very expensive. The rent per month for a crappy (for lack of a better word) house would barely fit into our monthly housing allowance. With that in mind, we started to think about buying a house.

After hours upon hours of researching the area, current houses on the market, etc. we decided that not only were we were going to buy a house but we were going to build one. We found a beautiful new neighborhood in a safe area where we were able to pick our lot, model, and everything from placement of cable outlets to the types of cabinet finishings. It was a financially smart decision for us. We’re really proud of it!

Do you remember how my Dad and I traveled to South Carolina a few weeks ago? That’s what we were doing! We visited the area and finalized every single detail of the house. Stephen and I had talked about what we wanted ahead of time and I was surprisingly pretty quick to make the final decisions on site (except for the sink if you saw that part on my Insta stories!) so overall the process was pretty painless. I’m so excited to see our vision start coming to life in the next couple of weeks. I also can’t wait to share the finished product with all of you! I have a feeling the kitchen is going to be my favorite spot in the house…

New home

The best part of this entire process is that our dear friends are also building in the same neighborhood. John and Laura will be living right across the street from us and Alex and Aubrey will be living a few houses down the street from us. It’s going to be a blast to continue doing life with them literally on the same street.

As for the next few months… They are going to be very interesting to say the least. We have Stephen’s graduation coming up, a cross country move, a house getting built, and the holidays all jammed into a short period of time. The three of us will be living with our parents and friends until we have our own roof over our heads. What an exciting adventure… We’re so excited! Until next time!

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