December 19, 2020

Charming Pink Front Door

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As soon as I saw pictures of our Mississippi home while we were house hunting, I knew I wanted to paint the front door. Red is my favorite color but I wanted a pink door for years! We couldn’t do it with our South Carolina home because of the HOA and we loved our stained door for that house. I also knew that I additionally wanted to paint the storm door so that it didn’t take away from the newly painted door and looked more cohesive. My friend Brooke from Nesting with Grace shared a really cute storm door makeover here! Stephen approved of pink and I figured, it’s just paint! We can change it if we don’t love it. Well, I found the perfect pink for our (currently) gray and white house that we love. Keep reading to learn what color and paint I used for this makeover!

Here’s a picture of the house before I painted the door from this post:

Stroller Comparison

A few nap sessions later and here’s the painted door and storm door decked out for Christmas:

The pink that I used is called Abalone Shell in a satin finish from Sherwin Williams. It’s very subtle and so charming. We plan on using it in multiple other spots in our home! I used the Sherwin Williams SnapDry paint (keep your eye out for Sherwin Williams sales! They have them often!) on both the wood door and metal storm door with this paint brush. It worked well and dried quickly for me. People complained about this in reviews on the paint. I don’t mean to sound too obvious but it is called SnapDry so I don’t think it should be that shocking that it dries quickly… I ended up doing about 3-4 coats to completely cover the red door and black on the storm door which I painted both the front and back.

I taped off the trim using this tape but I didn’t tape off the glass. I prefer not to do this because I’ve found that using a razor blade like this one to remove the paint afterward is quicker, produces less waste, and costs less.

subtle pink door
Painted front door

I grabbed a few trees, garland, lanterns, and a festive doormat that I used here to add a festive glow to the porch. I love to shop my own home first before going out to buy anything. It’s great for the budget and also great when I run out of time and everything is sold out already, ha!

Pink front door
Pink Front Door

Our plan is to makeover the exterior of our home at the beginning of 2022. We haven’t decided exactly what we’re going to do yet but I will say… I am craving a little bit more contrast out here! That is going to be a really fun project! We talk about it often. In the meantime, we’ll have so much to share from the inside of our home! We’re thankful to have you along for the ride. Thanks for stopping by today! Until next time…

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