October 24, 2020

Why We Invested in the Nuna Pipa Carseat + Nuna Grow Stroller

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When it came time to determine which stroller we wanted, we knew that we wanted to invest in something we’d be able to use for all of the children we’d love to have eventually, one that could hold multiple children at a time (we think it would be great to have kids close in age like we are to our siblings!), and one that would cover pretty much any other stroller we’d ever need (except for running… I’ll talk more about this below!). That criteria narrowed down the options quite a bit but Stephen and I still did a bunch of research. We ended up debating between two convertible strollers – the UPPAbaby Vista and the Nuna Grow.

We spent hours at a local baby store (Baby Furniture Plus Kids, if you’re in the Columbia, SC area) working with the owner to determine which option would be best for us. This was no small purchase we were about to make**! Like I said, we wanted it to last us for years and for two kids at once. We ultimately decided on the Nuna Grow for multiple reasons.

  1. The carseat. We love the safety features of the Nuna Pipa and how extremely easy it is to install the base. We debated between the Pipa and the Pipa Lite LX. The Pipa Lite XL is only five pounds. It’s seriously as light as a feather. Ultimately we decided on the Pipa because the Pipa Lite XL requires a base in the car which wouldn’t be ideal if we needed to fly somewhere with the carseat. The Pipa is only a whopping 3 pounds heavier and also less expensive so that’s what we went with!
  2. The configuration of the Nuna Grow with 2 seats has a center of gravity more towards the back of the stroller so it’s easier to maneuver compared to the UPPABaby Vista. We tested out both strollers in the store and definitely agreed with this!
  3. The Nuna Grow was less expensive than the UPPAbaby Vista. The Vista comes with a bassinet and toddler seat (although Stephen and I were told in the store that it only came with the bassinet so it might depend on where you get it!) from what I can see online but we knew we wouldn’t actually need the bassinet and it would be one more thing for us to store/move. The whole point for this stroller was for us to get by with less! Either way, the Nuna Grow is less expensive and comes with a rumble seat which can go in the upper or lower part of the stroller unlike in the UPPABaby Vista. For the Vista, you need to purchase a different seat for the top and bottom because they aren’t the same. You also need to purchase additional adapters with the Vista to make it work in most double configurations.
  4. The Nuna Grow seemed more durable to us. They’re both amazing strollers, don’t get me wrong! The Grow just seemed a bit more robust (it does weigh a tad more, by the way).
  5. It might sound dumb to you but I just wanted to try something a bit less popular. UPPABaby strollers are everywhere (rightfully so!) and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being different.
Stroller Comparison

We’ve been using this carseat and stroller for nearly three months now and we will both say we absolutely love them. We might have to get a new carseat years down the road based on the laws but we don’t plan on ever needing another stroller again. We’ve taken it on rough terrain many times now and it has been great.

We always knew that we also were going to buy a used BOB stroller for running in addition to the convertible stroller. The reason for that is because the BOB won’t work with multiple kids unless you get the very hefty two seater version, which you don’t need with only one kid. We didn’t want to buy a BOB and then have to buy another stroller to accommodate two kids when we add another to our crew. Does that make sense? Basically, we were trying to reduce the amount we spent in the long run and the amount of stuff we accumulate. Since we’re both runners, we knew we’d get miles and miles of use out of it even if we can only bring one kid along so we bought one off of Facebook marketplace. We haven’t used it yet because the Pipa carseat won’t work with a BOB but I won’t be surprised if it’s a common occurrence for Ellie to go for two runs a day, one with Stephen and one with me, once she’s able to sit in the seat.

We’re really happy with our purchase of the Nuna Pipa carseat and Nuna Grow convertible stroller. It will be perfect for our family especially if we are able to have children close in age and we love that we won’t ever need to buy another stroller again.


I hope that this is helpful if you’re on the hunt for the perfect stroller for your family! Let me know if you have any questions.

** We ended up purchasing the stroller and carseat with our own money versus putting it on our baby registry. Since this is an investment of sorts, we felt bad putting something that expensive on there and had been saving up for it for months to pay cash with all of that in mind.

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