October 21, 2020

My Childhood Bedroom Makeover

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At the beginning of July we were able to make it back home to my parent’s house to spend a week there before Ellie arrived. We always manage to stay super busy when we’re home so we didn’t relax a ton but as always, it was so great to be there. I’m missing it as I write this post.

One of the things that we worked on while up there was finishing our bedroom (previously my childhood bedroom) that I had started working on pre-COVID. This was something I’ve been wanting to complete for a while. I wanted it to be a space that both Stephen and I felt excited to retreat to versus one that was overwhelming to us like it previously was, so much so that we just always used the guest room when we came home.

The house I grew up in is in the woods with all sorts of animals in the yard. It’s an older home that’s full of character… And dust. It’s a farmhouse and it’s my favorite place. It will always be home to me. With that in mind, I wanted to decorate the room to fit our own style while also staying true to the style of the home. Out with the Tiffany Blue and in with the Wickham Gray which is has a tinge of green undertones. It’s really beautiful and much more calming (and US!). We love how the space came together.

You can see the before photos of the room and my design plan for the space HERE.

There are a few differences from the design board. Mainly because things went out of stock and/or would take months to deliver because of COVID. I also decided that it would be really fun to pull in the pinks from the painting that was my Mema’s with the curtains and an accent pillow. Stephen was surprised about that one since I pretty much always stick with my OG white curtains but once I got them up and added the pillow, he was pleasantly surprised by how it all came together. I think it was a really fun change from my typical choices. I might even branch out and add more colors around this new home… What?!

Here is a before photo:

Before photo 1

And here’s an after:

Room Makeover

Isn’t it amazing what a little cleaning, purging, and some paint can do? Props to my mom who painted the walls, ceiling, and bed.

About half of the stuff we used in this room we bought new and the other half was either purchased on Facebook Marketplace, thrifted, or stuff we had in the South Carolina home that we decided could use a new home. My favorites are the things we have in here that were my Mema’s such as this painting and rocking chair. It makes for the cutest, coziest little corner.

Farmhouse Makeover
Room makeover

My bedroom has never had an overhead light and we finally got rid of my 5-bulb light that I’m pretty sure all of us had growing up and replaced it with this inexpensive tripod lamp from Walmart. I wanted to tie in the gold color from the curtain rod so I ended up spraying it with this gold spray paint and it was a perfect match. It really pulls it all together.

I’m still debating if I want to put a vintage tobacco basket over the bed. Eventually we’ll make the final decision. I’m finding so much beauty in LESS. Anyone else? Either way we really love how it turned out! It’s meaningful, not overwhelming, and a relaxing space for the (now) five of us to stay while we soak up home. Exactly what I had in mind.

Simple room design

Bedding | Curtains | Curtain Rod | Denim Throw Pillows | Pink Throw Pillow| Rug | Lamp | Spray Paint | Glass Lamps | Rocking Chair was my Mema’s | Artwork was my Mema’s | Thrifted Crib | Wall Color: Wickham Gray

The next time we’ll go home and sleep in this bed it’ll be Christmas! I’m giddy just thinking about it, even with a 12+ hour drive. I hope this makeover inspired you in some way. It’s amazing what just a little paint can do, isn’t it? Stay well, friends.

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