June 22, 2020

Our SC Home is on the Market!

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I still don’t know if the fact that there’s a “for sale” sign in our yard has really hit me yet. I knew this would happen though – when the time came, everything would start happening at an extremely quick rate. Sure enough, it is. Not only is the house on the market and we’ve had multiple showings at this point, this Tot will also be making its way into the world before we know it (I’m almost 33 weeks as I write this).

SC Home

I wanted to show a quick tour of our home for those that are curious what it looked like at the time we listed it and to serve as something we can look back on. This was the first home that we owned together, the one that we’ll bring our Tot home to (even if it’s just for a month or less), and the foundation of which our love of ‘making a house a home’ was built upon. It’s quite special to us! It’ll definitely be bittersweet when it’s no longer ours.

For the links to the items in our home and our DIY projects, CLICK HERE.

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** We did fix the screen door on the back porch after filming this, just FYI!

We can’t wait to take you along on our next adventure in the new-to-us house in Mississippi! We already have so many fun ideas…

Stay well, friends.

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  2. I would so buy your house. It’s PERFECT. 🙂

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