June 15, 2020

Tupta Tot #2 Second Trimester Recap

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How do you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally?

Physically, I felt (and still feel) fantastic. My energy was really high and even working out I felt strong and capable. I started feeling pelvic floor pressure around the start of the second trimester so I modified my workouts accordingly and started to see a physical therapist to help strengthen it. I’m SO GLAD I did! I didn’t have tons of problems, just lack of PF strength which is way more common than not for women. Unfortunately, it’s not talked about enough in the US whatsoever. Heck, when I called my primary care physician to get a referral, I had to explain to her why it was important to see a PT PF while pregnant (and post pregnancy). I highly highly highly suggest you look into this! I’ll be sharing more resources on an upcoming post as well.

Emotionally and mentally I feel way better than I did in the first trimester, thank God! Especially once we got the 20 week appointment under our belt and the Tot looked healthy, I felt like I could breath easier. Pregnancy after loss is really hard. It’s also really really special. I cherish every moment of it!

What was the best part about the second trimester?

My energy and motivation was (and is still at 31 weeks) through the roof! It felt like a complete 180 from how I was in the first trimester. Also, getting to feel the baby move. It gives me so much peace. Every single kick I’m thinking, “Thank you, Jesus!!!” The placenta is anterior (aka at the front of my belly) so I don’t feel quite as much as other woman but it brings me so much joy when I do feel it!

What was the worst part about the second trimester?

I don’t really like this question BUT I know there are challenges that come along with pregnancy. The worst part? I think probably just the waiting period leading up to the 20 week ultrasound.

Did you have any cravings or aversions?

All of my smell aversions subsided pretty much the first day of the second trimester which was great! I haven’t had a ton of cravings. I did crave buffalo chicken wings at one point (do you guys remember those Instagram stories? Too funny!) and then once I got them I was set. Other than that, I haven’t craved much! For a while I felt like I couldn’t eat enough fruit but that’s also how I normally am…

How much weight have you gained?

24-25 pounds so far.

Are you doing okay with all of the COVID stuff going on?

Yeah! The fact that I work from home made the whole situation a lot better for me. I know that if I were still working in the (food) plant, I would still be going into work. That would’ve added a good bit of nerves for me I think. I sympathize for those that were/are in that scenario.

The biggest bummer of being pregnant during the pandemic is just that Stephen hasn’t been able to go into the appointments with me. Not even the 20 week ultrasound. That was kind of sad. He sat in the parking lot and waited for me though before we went hiking and got some (take-out) celebratory burgers and ice cream. We’re making the most of it! He will be able to be there for the birth which is really the most important to us, of course. As of right now, we still won’t be able to have any visitors. Things could change though! We’ll see…

How are you handling the gestational diabetes?

I technically was tested in the third trimester (they test you at 28 weeks) but it was a bit of a bummer to find out I failed the second glucose test and therefore was deemed a gestation diabetic. I can’t deny that. Part of me wasn’t incredibly surprised though just because of my family history. The test itself also just kind of baffles me… You drink 100g of glucose and then sit for 3 hours while you can’t drink any water whatsoever. I find it ironic because at my ‘diabetes counseling’ I was taught that if my blood sugar gets high 1. Drink a lot of cold water 2. Walk. Needless to say, if we are able to add more children to our family someday, I don’t anticipate that I’ll participate in the glucose test. I’d rather measure my sugars for weeks to learn more about my body and how my pancreas is responding vs doing the three hour test. P.S. The drink really didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I found the 50 g one slightly enjoyable…

Because of my family history, I’ve absorbed quite a bit of information about diabetes over my lifetime. My dad is a really great teacher when it comes to this stuff especially. Once I started testing (which I do 4 times a day… Fasted and then 2 hours after each meal) I was able to gauge my numbers pretty quickly and understand what my body does and doesn’t like. Thankfully, they’ve been fine so far (another reason why I’m a bit perplexed by the test…).

What does it feel like when the baby kicks? When do you feel the most movement?

I’ve heard this described so differently by women. It’s so fun to hear! The best way I can describe it is it feels like a muscle spasm or muscle twitch. It has made me laugh a time or two because a couple of times now I’ve experienced a spasm in my thighs and my brain immediately thought, “Hi baby!” Until I realized it was going on in my leg and not the womb… Ha! When the the baby changes positions I’m so caught off guard from it that it takes my breath away for a split second. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s like a ‘whooshing’ feeling? Like a slow muscle spasm….?

Typically every night when I sit down to read and especially when I roll over onto my side to try to fall asleep. I don’t mind it one bit! I know the little nug is just preparing me for the lack of sleep I’ll experience in just a short time. 😉

Is it okay to still workout like you have been? Where do you find your information on exercising while pregnant?

Yes. My doctors, my dietician and my physical therapist have all said to not slow down if I can. There’s actually quite a bit of research around the benefits of working out while pregnant for mom and baby. I am so glad that I’ve been able to move pretty much daily. A lot of days I do some sort of CrossFit workout and if I don’t do that, I at least try to walk or ride the bike for a minimum of 30 minutes. I do modify my workouts to try to prevent things like diastasis recti (splitting of the abdominals) and pelvic floor issues (which I also see a PT for). Please remember that we are all very different. What I need to modify might not apply to you and vice versa. I’ll be sharing a post soon about all of the resources I’ve used to learn how to workout as safely as possible but some of my favorites are @expectingandempowered, @pregnant.postpartum.athlete, @heather.osby, @nancyandersonfit and @moveyourbump.

Looking back on my first trimester, I wish I would’ve been more active but I also understand that I was not in a good place emotionally and mentally. Heck, I also didn’t feel great physically. Hindsight bias is 20/20.

I feel like this pregnancy is flying. Before I know it I’ll be writing the third trimester recap! Isn’t that so crazy?! I’m thankful for every second of this journey and for you all for being here with me today! Let me know if you have any other questions. Stay well, friends.

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