April 8, 2020

My Childhood Home Bedroom Before Photos + Makeover Design Plan

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Whenever we go home to the house I grew up in, Stephen and I stay in the guest bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with it at all but I did miss staying in my childhood bedroom. It’s bigger and it made me sad that it has been serving as a storage space ever since we got married. Maybe it’s really not that at all though… I probably just really miss home and my room.

This space is something I’ve wanted to tackle for years but woof… Do you see these before photos?! It was full of leftover things from our wedding, sentimental things I needed to sift through, and my brothers things he’s temporarily storing in there. I knew it would take me a significant amount of time to go through it all to determine what to donate, sell, and throw away.

Before photo 1

Well, I sucked it up and got it done but we couldn’t stop there! Since this room is now where Stephen and I will both stay (and so my parents could also use this as another guest bedroom), it was time for the Tiffany blue “Jordan and Co.” room to go. Along with my beloved VCR TV…

Before photo 2

I always like to come up with a design plan before spending a dime on refreshing a space. It gives me a good idea for where we’re headed design wise, enables me to make sure Stephen (and my mom in this case) like it, and prevents us from wasting money. My childhood home is an older home in the middle of the woods with lots of character and rich colors. I wanted to make sure that the style of the room fit well into that while remaining true to what Stephen and I typically gravitate towards style wise: clean and cozy with a hint of modern and a touch of vintage charm. Here’s the design I came up with (if you want to recreate this look, just click on the icons next to the products below!):

We’re trying to complete this refresh on a budget per usual. My mom is really great at thrifting and found a similar bed on Facebook marketplace for $50 that she brought home and spray painted black. She’s also going to gather two side tables from around the house that she’ll chalk paint white to use as nightstands. I found this rug that we purchased 70% off, making it only $90…. It was a STEAL and is so beautiful in person! I love how the rug looks with the painting that she also thrifted. The rest of the plan includes items that are relatively inexpensive. I was going to get this duvet cover but it’s out of stock so we’re going to get the same one that we have in our master bedroom (we love it!).

We were supposed to have finished the room last time I was home but things got a bit messed up due to COVID-19. My mom hasn’t stopped working though! She’s awesome. So far she has primed over the Tiffany blue color, painted the walls BM Wickham Gray, painted the ceiling, and painted the bed she found on Facebook marketplace. Until we’re in the clear from social distancing, I’ll gather the rest of the materials and when I can get home again we’ll finish it up to share with you guys! I’m really excited to see the final product. I think we’ll all love it!

Thank you all so much for being here! Your support is so appreciated. I look forward to finishing this up and sharing it with you all. Stay well!

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