October 25, 2021

Anthro Vibes without the Anthro Price Tag – Christmas Edition

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I love Anthropologie all year long but I especially love what they release during the holidays! It all just feels so cheery and fun to me. What I don’t love though, is the price tag that comes along with their products. Today in Hobby Lobby with Ellie I came across quite a few products that reminded me of Anthro but way less expensive AND 50% off on top of that! I believe it is possible to achieve the cheery and fun feeling Anthro products provide in the home without breaking the budget. Here are some favorites of mine that will help us do that!

Anthro Holiday
  • Chunky garland – I CAN’T WAIT to use this! I can already imagine it layered on my mantle but it would be fun on a tree too!
  • Red tree pillow – I loved the pop of red with this pillow and the details of the tassels on the tree.
  • Santa mug – Isn’t this Santa so cute! He’s so joyful with his cute little cheeks.
  • Colorful tree pillow – I thought this was SO FUN! It would be really cute in a girl’s bedroom especially.
  • Skiing dog sheets – I don’t need anymore sets of sheets but boy am I tempted by these. Not only are flannel sheets so cozy but dogs skiing?! How fun!
  • Striped red garland – I picked this up today in Hobby Lobby because I love the texture and pop of red it can add in so many different places. I think it will probably end up in Ellie’s room.
  • White glass tree – This tree is super charming and love that the light shines through the stars. It would be cute on a mantle off to the side.
  • Bottle brush trees – For nearly the exact same product, it’s so smart to save your pennies and get bottle brush trees at stores like Target or Hobby Lobby instead of Anthro.
  • Tree glass – This glass reminded me of something that you’d find at Anthro (along with the rest of the collection). The best part is it’s only $3 versus $22 at Anthro.
  • Red stocking – For $15 this stocking has a lot of different textures that make it feel more expensive than it is.
  • White dot stocking – Anthro actually has a stocking that is very similar to this for triple the price. Smart play, Target. Smart play.
  • Reindeer tea towel – Colorful and whimsical. Definitely along the lines of the holiday tea towels at Anthro!
  • Seagrass tree skirt – ISN’T THIS SO CUTE?! Target gets better and better with their tree skirts every year.
Nativity Scene Decor

Last year’s layered garland! I look forward to seeing what I can put together this year.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for more Anthro inspired finds to share! Scroll through to see some of my other favorites below.

P.S. Don’t loathe me for sharing Christmas before Halloween this weekend! I want to make sure items are in stock in case you want them. This year is going to be a bit finicky with all of that. Until next time!

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