August 14, 2019

Master Bedroom Reveal

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Hi friends! I think this just might be the quickest reveal we’ve ever done! I’m so excited to be sharing it with you all today. Like all of the other rooms in this home, there was nothing wrong with it. We just wanted to add our own style and the “Tupta touch” to it.

I (Stephen really had no preference) wanted our master bedroom to be a place we retreat too every night that is simple, peaceful, and bright and airy. I wanted it to be special to us. I really do believe that the bedroom is a sacred place in a marriage! It should be a place where both of us feel comfortable and not stressed out in, you know? With that in mind, I just really wanted to minimize any stimulus in the space while also adding in touches from our favorite day. We both knew our wedding photos would do that for us! They instantly make us feel happy when we look at them and there’s nothing else competing against them for attention in the room. I shared all about our plans for the room and my inspiration in this post.

We didn’t do anything huge in here! The biggest change we made was painting the entire room Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (the same color as our master bathroom). I actually debated on doing that for a while. I didn’t know if it was really going to make a difference/be necessary. Now that it’s done though I can say YES! It really does make a huge difference. It’s not like we needed to make it lighter to make the space feel bigger, necessarily, it just really brightens it up. I love the way it looks in here compared to the Sherwin Williams Frosty White (basically gray) that was in here originally.

This is how the room looked before we painted it. Disregard the mess. This was taken in the middle of our bathroom refresh so our bedroom was a drop site. I just happened to take a photo that day (mainly because I couldn’t get over how much better the window looked after Stephen added trim to it) and luckily I did because it’s the only before photo that I have!


The room now that it has been painted Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace:

Chantilly Lace Bedroom

I also primed and painted our existing dresser using this primer to prevent the wood from bleeding through and this chalk paint. It was just cheap dresser I got from IKEA years ago that we added different feet to. Eventually we’ll upgrade but right now we don’t think that’s necessary. I also spray painted the pulls we had on there with black spray paint to tie in the black curtain rod and frames. It was more rustic looking before but now it’s just white and so clean looking!

Our nightstands are also from IKEA. It is a set of Rast drawers that Stephen added trim to around the bottom and a larger piece of wood from the top. We stained them with Minwax Dark Walnut and then I changed out the knobs from what we originally had on there to these ones that have some silver in them to tie in the silver on the bed. This hack is very budget-friendly and is very customizable! Look up “IKEA Rast hack” on Pinterest and you’ll be bombarded with great ideas. We both love the storage that they have in them too!


Our favorite part of the room is the gallery wall! We used 9 of these picture frames from IKEA. I was very skeptical about them at first because they are super budget-friendly compared to other alternatives I was eyeing but these are GREAT! We have the 16 x 20″ size in here and were able to get the pictures printed at Sam’s Club. Costco can also do the printing for that size as well.

It might sound silly but I was also really excited that I found this curtain rod! I had been looking at this one from Pottery Barn but holy guacamole Batman that is expensive for a dang curtain rod, right?! Then I found this one on Amazon and was so excited! It looks just like it and is a fraction of the cost. I don’t know what our next house will look like but I can sense a hankering to do the entire thing white (probably Chantilly Lace) with gold accents… If that’s the case I certainly will be using the same curtain rod but in the warm gold color. It’s so beautiful!

The curtains are the Ritva curtains in white from IKEA. All of the curtains in our home are from IKEA. The price can’t be beat for the quality.

I found the lamps at my local Home Goods. I was really excited about them because each one was $30 with the shade! I thought that was really amazing for their quality. I found almost the exact same ones in a gray color here.

There are a few other things I plan to add in here. I’m still debating on adding this little guy above our bed like in the inspiration photo I shared here. I love its simplicity.  I also want to get a snake plant for the corner of the room (it’s great for improving air quality!) and also put our mirror back in here. I just love how simple it is, guys! Everything has a place and it’s not cluttered. That’s the way we’re approaching our entire home.

Our current bedding is a compilation of things we received on our wedding registry and some items from Home Goods. Someday my goal is to invest in a high quality quilt and linen duvet. I have to reach my goals first though. 😉 During the summer Stephen just keeps the duvet at his feet but I like to use it, especially when the fan is on. Speaking of fan, praise the Lord we finally have one in here! It was so needed.

Gallery Wall

Sources: Bed (similar) | Frames | Curtains | Curtain rod | Rug | Lamp (similar) | Fan | Nightstand & dresser that I shared about above! | Diffuser

There ya have it! It’s simple but it has everything we want and need and we love it. I hope this inspires you in some way for your own home! Hey, maybe it teaches you what you DON’T want. That’s fine too! Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you all have a really amazing day.

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    Hey can you link your fan?

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      The fan is linked in the post next to all of the other links at the bottom. It appears to be out of stock, unfortunately.

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