August 3, 2019

Master Bedroom Design Plan + Inspiration

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Hi! Slowly but surely we are putting our own touches on our home. We only have 3 rooms to go (you can see our most recent room update HERE)! Isn’t that exciting?! The next one up on our list in the master bedroom. We haven’t done anything in here at all yet. We have the same nightstands, bed, and dresser we’ve (I) had since before we were married. Since they still do the job well (and Stephen really loves our headboard), I came up with a design to utilize everything we already own while adding in a couple of other things such as our wedding photos… Can you believe we haven’t printed ONE of them yet?! Shame on us, I know. To make up for two years without them, I planned on having a really big gallery wall in our bedroom to feature them. We found THESE very budget-friendly frames at IKEA after searching for over a year. The price can’t be beat!

Other than the gallery wall and painting the entire room BM Chantilly lace to brighten up the space (right now the walls match most of the rest of the house – SW Frosty White but don’t be fooled by the white in the title… It’s really more gray than anything!) we’re not going to be making any other “drastic” changes in here. Overall it’ll probably be the most budget-friendly update we’ve done since it’ll pretty much just be the cost of the paint, gallery wall, the fan, which has already been in there for a few months, and a couple of miscellaneous items from IKEA. Otherwise, we’ll use things that we already own.

We really want to keep it bright and airy while simultaneously being minimal but cozy. The best example of what I’m imaging in my head for this room is Jessica Garvin’s master bedroom! If you don’t follow her, you should! I think what I love about her room is that it’s not overly stimulating. Some might say that it’s a lot of white but I think it’s incredibly peaceful and simple.

Since we aren’t adding a feature wall or anything like that, we really want this to be a quick room update. With that in mind, I’m thinking of doing a little challenge on Instagram – one room in one week, starting today (I take the weekend off of Instagram so I’ll start sharing about my progress on Monday)! It would be so fun to take you all along with me every day to show you the progress I’m making (and I think it would really put my behind in high gear)! Here’s my to-do list for the room:

To Do:
  • Paint the walls BM Chantilly Lace
  • Hang the gallery wall
  • Hang curtain rods and curtains
  • Prime the dresser
  • Paint the dresser
  • Spray paint dresser pulls
  • Paint nightstand pulls
  • Ideally: seal the nightstands (they’re currently just stained with Minwax Dark Walnut)

After making a lot of mistakes and spending a lot of time and money on things that didn’t work out as planned on previous makeovers, I always make a design board before starting on any room. I personally make mine in Photoshop but you can use websites like Pic Monkey, Canva, or good ol’ Word/PowerPoint as well. I don’t always stick 100% to it but I think it is a great way to get everything I’m bottling up in my head on paper to see if it actually will look the way imagine or not.

Sources: Bed (similar) | Frames | Curtains | Curtain rod | Rug | Lamp (similar) | Fan | Nightstand & dresser that we have are both IKEA hacks that I’ll share later! | Quilt (this would be a dream! I’m currently searching for a budget-friendly but decent quality alternative.) | Diffuser

I really love the look of black and brass hardware like in Jessica’s bedroom above but since the bed has polished nickel accents on them, I decided to just stick with that and my go-to black to add some contrast to the room. I typically don’t do more than two metals in one space. I’ve found that when I do that it just doesn’t seem as put together as I like.

Will you be following along on stories starting on Monday? I hope so!! I’m going to need some cheerleaders to get this all done! Your support means the world to me.

I sincerely appreciate you all shopping through my affiliate links like the ones included in this post. I make a small commission when you purchase through these links at no extra cost to you. These funds help support my family and allow for us to produce better content for you all. I can’t thank you enough for supporting all that we do!

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  1. […] I (Stephen really had no preference) wanted our master bedroom to be a place we retreat too every night that is simple, peaceful, and bright and airy. I wanted it to be special to us. I really do believe that the bedroom is a sacred place in a marriage! It should be a place where both of us feel comfortable and not stressed out in, you know? With that in mind, I just really wanted to minimize any stimulus in the space while also adding in touches from our favorite day. We both knew our wedding photos would do that for us! They instantly make us feel happy when we look at them and there’s nothing else competing against them for attention in the room. I shared all about our plans for the room and my inspiration in this post. […]

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