June 21, 2019

Everything to Know About a Young Living Starter Kit + Essential Rewards

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I’m so excited you’re here reading this post and that you want to start this journey towards a healthier, happier home with me! Incorporating essential oils and Young Living products into our home has been life changing for us. Because of that, it has become really important to me that I share as much information with you all as possible to educate you and help you on the same path. If I’ve learned anything so far it’s that the healthier the people (and pups! Yes… They’ve been loving oils too!) are in our home, the happier they are. I’m almost certain that’s the case in your home too so let’s get started.

If you read THIS post, you know that I did quite a bit of research before ordering a starter kit and ultimately decided on ordering with Young Living due to their Seed to Seal promise. I was still nervous though because I didn’t know anything at all about the oils themselves, what to do with them, or how to use them. Thankfully I decided to bypass that fear and jump on in. I’m so glad I did because our community as unlimited resources and support. I started learning so quickly! We all start somewhere, right?

If you order a kit with me, I also send you 5×7 recipe cards for roller bottles, diffuser blends, and ways to use Thieves! Not only are they really helpful but they’re also really cute framed!

Now that you know you’ll be a part of the greatest community and don’t need to have any fear about not knowing a thing, let’s get into what’s in the starter kit.

Starter Kit

In the starter kit you will receive:
  • Diffuser (pictured below is what I ordered first – the Desert Mist diffuser! The Aria diffuser is above! Isn’t it beautiful?!)
  • 12 everyday essential oils
  • 2 Ningxia red packets (this is a daily favorite in our house!)
  • Thieves hand purifier
  • Thieves household cleaner
  • Lifetime wholesale account

This is ultimately the best route to go when signing up because the oils themselves are worth more than the entire kit!

In addition to the starter kit, this month when you order a starter kit and sign up for essential rewards (more info on that below) I will send you the book, ” The Healing Power of Essential Oils: Soothe Inflammation, Boost Mood, Prevent Autoimmunity, and Feel Great in Every Way”. I love this book so much! It has loads of information and recipes.

Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is a completely optional loyalty program that has no monthly commitment and can be canceled at any time. There is no fee to start up or cancel and it makes ordering monthly very convenient. It’s simply a way for Young Living to say, “Thank you for being such a loyal customer!” by rewarding you with reduced shipping, rewards points, promos, and loyalty gifts at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.

My suggestion is to sign up for Essential Rewards at the time of purchasing your starter kit. That way, you can get at least $10 worth of points back at that time. If you decide the following month that you don’t want to purchase anything on Essential Rewards (which I would bet will not be the case), then you can cancel for free.

If you decide to participate in ER and spend a minimum of 50 PV ($50) a month, you are able to earn points back every month to purchase products with. In months 1-3, you’ll earn 10%, 4-24 months you’ll earn 20%, and 25+ months you’ll earn 25%. Think purchasing face wash, baby diapers, laundry detergent, dish soap… Typical stores that you go to for these items don’t give those discounts AND offer high quality products like these!

How to Purchase a Starter Kit

Step 1: CLICK HERE to purchase a starter kit! Make sure the number 18225196 appears in both the “Enroller” and “Sponsor ID” fields. Choose your starter kit. The Desert Mist and Aria (an additional $100 but worth it!) diffusers are my favorites!
Step 2: This is where you can enroll in Essential Rewards! Again, it is completely optional! If you enroll in it while purchasing the starter kit and say ‘yes’ to using your starter it towards ER, you will automatically receive $10 to purchase more products. If you decide next month that you don’t want to use it, you can cancel it for free. I really wish I had done this when I purchased mine. I had no idea!
If you do not want to participate in ER, click no.
Step 3: Since ER is a convenient customizable monthly autoship program, you’ll be selecting your order for the next month in this section. Select “customize your kit” to proceed.
Step 4: On this page you’ll be able to select what you want to receive for the next month. For example, if you purchase a kit in June, this order will be for July. Don’t worry! You can go back and edit your order as well as your processing date once you are signed up! In order to keep your ER points, you’ll need to spend a minimum of 50 PV. Again, that is completely optional! It is really smart to stockpile all of your products and order on ER so that you can receive the monthly promos!

If your goal is to spend 50 PV for the next month as a way to maintain and receive more ER points, I suggest ordering the Thieves concentrate (this will last you for months and months!) and laundry detergent.

After one month of using Young Living products we loved them so much that this is what I purchased on my next order –

Step 5: Once you have decided what you want for your next order, click ‘save monthly order’. This will return you back to the starter kit screen. If you wish to receive more products with your starter kit, click ‘add more products’ under ‘continue enrollment’.

By purchasing more products along with the starter kit, you are able to snag the promos for the month! I’d suggest adding Lemongrass and Geranium this month since receiving Citronella for free and can use them to make THIS Bug N Tick Off spray! I’d also suggest ordering Geranium because you can use it to make the glow moisturizer and also pair it with Grapefruit, Orange, and Northern Lights Black Spruce (which comes for free as a promo!!!!) to make the Volcano diffuser blend!

Step 6: Checkout! At this step, there will be a spot titled ‘commission processing information’. Again, you DO NOT have to “sell”! If you would like to though, certainly let me know.
Step 7: You’ll be offered to join our amazing communities full of helpful and educational resources and also receive a special something from me in the mail! I’m beyond excited to have you join us!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or at jordanjeanblog@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to help. Thank you all for stopping by today and as always, thank you so much for your support!

with joy
jordan jean


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