October 27, 2021

My Progessence Plus Testimony + TTC Resources

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Hi! After years of trying to conceive and helping so many other women on their own TTC journey’s, it was time for me to sit down and share my Progessence Plus testimony and resources I found extremely helpful. This is not medical advice and I am not a medical professional. This is just my own testimony and what I’ve learned along the way. I suggest seeking out medical advice, have a full blood panel ran, etc. if this is something you’re struggling with. I hope this helps! Progessence Plus promotes the creation of progesterone in the body. I would encourage you to dig a little bit deeper into your own health to determine if you have signs of low progesterone! Most women tend to be estrogen dominant in America and are low in progesterone. You can learn more about that here.

My blood panel did not show that I was low in progesterone. However, I exhibited most if not all of the symptoms (pretty severely) of low progesterone. Furthermore, the ranges in hormone panels can be very wide. Consistent blood work throughout the cycle for multiple cycles would’ve been needed in order to determine what was an acceptable range per individual. In my case, the doctors were quick to want to proceed to IUI or IVF and we just didn’t feel called to go in that direction so I decided to dig into research on my own.


When starting out with Pro+, I suggest using the dropper top not the roller top. The reasoning for that is you have better control of the amount you’re using. Start with ONE DROP! Some people can go into it quicker but I’ve found from talking about this with so many women (and experimenting on myself) that it’s better to start slow. This stuff has so much ability to WORK! Let your body adapt. Be patient. I did one drop for 2-3 weeks before I increased to two. Then I did that for a couple of weeks before increasing to three drops, etc. When I went all in with it too quickly, my skin broke out. Some people experience different versions of those responses in the body. We’re all so different! Use your body’s response as a guide. Are the symptoms going away? Maybe land there. Do they get worse as you increase drops? Decrease drops. For example, let’s say you work up to doing 4 drops a day and you start to experience some blemishes… Drop it back down to the amount when you weren’t experiencing that and let your body adapt some more before increasing it again. Or don’t change that number at all! I hope you understand by this point that it is a lot of experimenting. You can apply it on the wrists, forearms, ankles, stomach, back, or feet. Unlike prescription progesterone, you do not need to change the application location.


My husband and I battled through our baby journey (we don’t speak the infer….. word!!! If you are experiencing a similar journey, I have to say this before moving on – speak life giving words over your womb!!!! You are FERTILE! You are not that other word!!!) for over 2.5 years. We were both deemed “exceptionally healthy” based off of our results from dozens of fertility tests. Long story short, we started switching out toxic products in our home for non-toxic Young Living ones. A few months later, we conceived our Tupta Tot #1. That sweet baby ended up going to Heaven ten weeks later but we remained hopeful! We knew God’s timing would be more perfect than we could even imagine. I couldn’t help but start some research on loss and talk with friends about it though. I had multiple friends tell me that they were prescribed progesterone after they experienced their loss and that got me thinking… What if I was lacking progesterone before the placenta was fully developed enough to create it for my body and baby on its own (which doesn’t typically happen until around week 10-12)? It took a while for my body to get back on a ‘normal’ cycle again. I thought about trying Pro+ so I prayed a lot about it. Ultimately, I wanted our baby to be another way for God to show His glory and didn’t want to interfere with that. A lot of prayer later and I was nudged to try it out so I did.

Like I mentioned above, I went all in really quickly. I said, “Alright God! Let’s do this together!” I was so excited. What He highlighted to me though and I learned (for the dozenth time) through something as simple as using a Progesterone serum, is that I need to be patient. So I stopped using it and researched a lot about what I should do then decided to start much slower. One drop for 2-3 weeks… Then 2 drops for 2-3 weeks… 3 drops… etc. It took me a few months of doing it this way for me to work up to 6-7 drops a day. When it started to be that many I would do half in the morning and half at night. If you don’t like the smell, do them on your ankles so that it’s not as prevalent. I came to like it actually! I tend to do it on my forearms. People always asked what perfume I’m wearing… I still find that funny. ** I would suggest following these steps before moving onto this next step below…

THE DAY AFTER OVULATION (you can track this with temperature or ovulation sticks off Amazon, using your Ava bracelet, a Clear Blue Monitor, etc.) rub 8-10 drops on your lower back area or lower bowel area near your pubic bone until your cycle starts. You can split this up or do this all at once. I just made sure to not put clothes on right away so that my skin absorbed all of the serum first. Once your cycle starts, I’d suggest going back down to the number of drops every day where you felt best before trying again with the 8-10 drops during your luteal phase (time between ovulation and cycle start) in the next cycle. If you’re tracking ovulation and notice that you didn’t ovulate, you are using too many drops. Too much progesterone can prevent ovulation; another reason why I recommend going very slow and being in tune with your body’s response.

It took me a few months to work up to 8-10 drops because it was highlighted over and over to me that I needed/need to be patient. If I wasn’t patient, my body would make sure to remind me. The first month I was at the point where I could try the 10 drops on my lower back my cycle never ended up coming… I was pregnant! We found the week our first baby was due and Ellie Joy made her way into the world on my birthday, exactly 40 weeks on the dot. Remember how I mentioned His timing is perfect? 😉 I’m thankful for these powerful tools. They are a blessing!

I really hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Again, I’m NOT a medical professional. I suggest seeking advice from those that are, have labs done, etc. so you can understand your body better and act accordingly from there! If/when you do become pregnant I suggest talking to your OB about continuing Pro+. I personally did not stop once I became pregnant with Ellie. I’ve come across resources that say to stop once you get pregnant because your body (the placenta) will produce enough progesterone as it is. However, the placenta is not fully developed in order to do that until 10-12 weeks. Because of that, I continued using Pro+ and then decreased as my pregnancy went along. Consult your physician!!

You can find Progessence Plus along with my other favorites for TTC HERE!


Goodness gracious there is a lot out there but I have found the Clear Blue Monitor with testing strips (you need to buy these separate) to be the most informative and easy to understand. I have tried pretty much all of them at this point, including the Ava bracelet. This monitor will tell you when to test and give you a clear indication whether or not you’re in your fertile window.

In my experience, most doctors won’t even consider hearing you out unless you’ve been consistently trying to conceive for a year. I recommend going in with as much data as you possibly can to “prove your case” (for the record – this just makes me mad typing it out that it’s even something we have to do or deal with… Putting a time on the whole thing just ticks me off. Okay rant over… But based on my case and sooooo many of my friends/family’s, this is what I’d recommend doing). Despite what you were told in sex ed class, the fertile window is indeed not very long at all (this varies slightly per person and timing of sex). What I’ve learned though from dealing with so many women because of our journey (which has been such a blessing to do!) is that most women don’t truly know when their fertile window is. They think they do but when you drill down the questions, they’re actually wrong. That was the case for me too before understanding fertility better!


If you haven’t read these books, you need to.

I hope you have found this post helpful. Please feel free to message me on @jordyjean or comment below if you have any questions! If you are on your own TTC journey, please know that I am praying for you. I know how tough it is. I also know that our God is sovereign and loves us so incredibly deeply.

“Look, I am about to do something new; even now it is coming. Do you not see it? Indeed, I will make a way in the wilderness, rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19

Updated September 2023: I no longer use Progessence Plus, instead I’m using THIS progesterone supplement. However, I don’t want to delete this post because I apply the same methods I used with Progessence Plus now with the Molecular Progesterone Complex. You could also look into Ray Peat’s progesterone supplement. He has a lot of helpful information on progesterone supplementation HERE. I’d also highly recommend learning about a pro metabolic lifestyle (@korimeloy and @noellekovary are a couple of good sources of info among many others!) and raw carrot salads (will naturally help you flush estrogen).

with joy
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  1. Greta says:

    Why did you make the switch from Pro+ to the new product? Just came across your blogpost and am so thankful for the information! We’re TTC for our first time, and looking for anything to help.

    • Jordan Jean says:

      I no longer use Young Living products so that is why! I switched to the Molecular Progesterone Complex from Forefront Health and have really liked it! You can email me at jordanjeanblog@gmail.com if you have any questions! I’m happy to help.

  2. Carolyn R. says:

    Hello! Doing a bit of research as to whether or not I should ditch progestin and switch to Progesssence Plus instead. I had a miscarriage despite having been on Progestin. I’m curious if our bodies need a ‘store’ of progesterone? Is it hard for our bodies to absorb synthetic progeterone? Did you use the 8-10 drops only on the first day or your luteal phase or throughout the whole time of your luteal phase until your cycle ended?

    • Jordan Jean says:

      Hi! I can’t provide medical advice, I recommend consulting your physician on that! Ray Peat has a ton of helpful information on progesterone that you might find helpful. But yes, I did use the “high” number of drops during my luteal phase. I will say though that I don’t use that product anymore. I will update the blog post with what I use currently! Here’s some info –

  3. Olivia says:


    Did you continue to use Progessence Plus while you were pregnant?

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