November 27, 2019

Jordy Jean Wellness Black Friday Sale Preview!

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I have to admit, I nearly lost my mind when I saw the Black Friday sale that was released by Young Living. I’m not the type to wake up early for a sale or wait in line or really even participate in Black Friday sales for that matter (unless I have something very specific that I’ve been waiting to go on sale) but I am blown away by these. They are way better than I could’ve imaged they’d be. Let’s get into this.

This sale will be going live on Friday November 29 at 10 AM EST. I suggest having an idea of what you’d like to order if you’re interested in getting something because in past years things have sold out quickly.

Details of the sale:

  • Only members have access to this sale. If you wish to become a member by getting your starter kit, I’d be happy to help! You can message me on Instagram, email me at jordyjeanfit@gmail.com, or follow the instructions HERE.
  • One time order (previously known as quick order) only.
  • Limit 2 of each bundle and two of each oil per account.
  • To order: For members (aka you have purchased a Starter Kit already), log into your Young Living account, click on “one time order” and you can find everything listed under the “New & Featured” Section and then a “Black Friday 2019” section. You can also use the item numbers provided below to search the one time order section and that will pull up each individual item/bundle.
  • Sale is Friday 11/29 from 10am EST – 2am EST on Saturday morning.
  • All items are while supplies last!

Products to highlight:

  • The Charcoal Lantern diffuser (Sweet Dreams Diffuser Bundle): This has only been available one time, last year and is not a permanent product! It’s stunning!
  • Sacred Angel*: A special blend that has not been available to purchase since 2012 it is a blend uniquely formulated for the holidays made with the following oils: Myrrh, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sacred Sandalwood, Geranium, Camphor Wood, Coriander, Hyssop, Melissa, and Angelica! Can be used to increase your spirituality, enhance positive thoughts, for calming and relaxing you during the busy season. * Can only be purchased with the Sweet Dreams Diffuser Bundle!
  • Evergreen Essence: This incredible fir blend sold out in just a few short hours last year because it’s that amazing! It was a crazy storm of the gates trying to get as many of these as possible! If you love the fir smelling oils, this magical forest blend will be no exception!
  • White Light: An ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!! White Light was previously offered in a gift set a couple of years ago and sold out in minutes! Make sure you don’t miss out on this one!

Diffuser Bundles

Feather the owl is back!!! Along with the Aria and a special Black Friday only diffuser!

The charcoal lantern diffuser is special to the sale and not typically sold any other time throughout the year! This is definitely at the top of my list for bundles to purchase. Not only is the diffuser beautiful but the oils in the bundle are phenomenal (again so surprised that they created this bundle with these!!!).

Sweet Dreams Diffuser Bundle: Diffuse Sacred Angel and Sacred Mountain in a Charcoal Lantern Diffuser to inspire end-of-day peace and dreamy nights.

•    Item No. 30135
•    41% off
•    Discounted wholesale price: $109.75
•    PV: 50.75

Includes: Charcoal Lantern Diffuser, 15 ml Sacred Mountain essential oil blend, and 15 ml Sacred Angel essential oil blend

The fact that this comes with Idaho Blue Spruce blows my mind… I’ve been trying to get that oil for months but it has gone out of stock because so many people love it!

Beautiful Day Diffuser Bundle: Diffuse away at dawn, fill your afternoons with amazing aromas, and end the evening with Idaho Blue Spruce and Orange in your new Aria Diffuser!

•    Item No. 30134
•    20% off
•    Discounted wholesale price: $217.75
•    PV: 143.75

Includes: Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser, 5 ml Idaho Blue Spruce essential oil, and 15 ml Orange essential oil

Feather Holiday Diffuser Bundle: The cutest diffuser you ever did see! Get your kids even more excited about essential oils with a set that any child will be giddy to receive.

•    Item No. 30421
•    5% off
•    Discounted wholesale price: $166
•    PV: 142.25

Includes: Feather the Owl Diffuser, 5 ml KidScents GeneYus essential oil blend, 5 ml TummyGize essential oil blend, 5 ml SleepyIze essential oil blend, 5 ml SniffleEase essential oil blend, and 5 ml Owie essential oil blend

Product Bundles

Heavenly Peace Roll-On Collection: Get ready for the most wonderful time of the year with peace-inducing, calm-creating essential oil roll-ons.

•    Item No. 29891
•    21% off
•    Discounted wholesale price: $110
•    PV: 110

Includes: Tranquil Roll-On, Stress Away Roll-On, Peace & Calming Roll-On, and RutaVaLa Roll-On

Merry & Bright Roll-On Collection: Snowboarding and rock climbing aren’t the only extreme sports—try holiday shopping! Keep tackling your holiday to-do list with blends that soothe as you sleigh.

•    Item No. 29893
•    18% off
•    Discounted wholesale price: $110
•    PV: 110

Includes: Deep Relief Roll-On, Thieves Roll-On, Breathe Again Roll-On, and Valor Roll-On

’Night, Gorgeous Bundle: Start dual cleansing with Young Living’s ‘Night, Gorgeous Bundle. Everyone at the holiday party will be begging to know how you got that glow!

•    Item No. 30125
•    20% off
•    Discounted wholesale price: $180
•    PV: 157.50

Includes: Mirah Luminous Cleansing Oil, ART Gentle Cleanser, ART Refreshing Toner, ART Light Moisturizer, 5 ml Elemi essential oil, 5 ml Manuka essential oil, and YL-branded gua-sha stone

Jump-Start Bundle: Don’t wait until the new year to start working on your fitness goals! Jump-start your wellness journey with PowerGize, Pure Protein Complete, and Aroma Siez.

•    Item No. 30132
•    20% off
•    Discounted wholesale price: $112
•    PV: 93.5

Includes: PowerGize, Pure Protein Complete (Chocolate Deluxe), 15 ml Aroma Siez essential oil blend, and YL-branded workout towel

Goal-Getter Bundle: Take back your day and start accomplishing your goals with MindWise, Super B, and Brain Power!

•    Item No. 30136
•    15% off
•    Discounted wholesale price: $139
•    PV: 126.25

Includes: MindWise, Super B, 5 ml Brain Power, and measuring spoon set

Road Trips Bundle: Load up the car, grab your map—we’re going on an adventure with NingXia Red and Nitro as our sidekicks!

•    Item No. 30131
•    15% off
•    Discounted wholesale price: $120.50
•    PV: 107.75

Includes: 30-count NingXia Red, NingXia Nitro, and YL-branded foldable straw

20% Off Single Oils

Thieves essential oil blend, 15 ml

•    Item No. 3423D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $27.80
•    PV: 27.8

Lavender essential oil, 15 ml

•    Item No. 3575D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $19.40
•    PV: 19.4

Stress Away essential oil blend, 15 ml

•    Item No. 4630D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $24.40
•    PV: 24.4

Peppermint essential oil, 15 ml

•    Item No. 3614D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $17.60
•    PV: 17.6

White Angelica essential oil blend, 15 ml

•    Item No. 3432D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $53.20
•    PV: 53.2

PanAway essential oil blend, 5 ml

•    Item No. 3391D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $29
•    PV: 29

Lemon essential oil, 15 ml

•    Item No. 3578D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $9.20
•    PV: 9.2

Tea Tree essential oil, 15 ml

•    Item No. 3587D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $21.40
•    PV: 21.4

Orange essential oil, 15 ml

•    Item No. 3602D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $8.80
•    PV: 8.8

Cedarwood essential oil, 15 ml

•    Item No. 3509D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $9.20
•    PV: 9.2

DiGize essential oil blend, 15 ml

•    Item No. 3324D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $27
•    PV: 27

Evergreen Essence essential oil blend, 15 ml

•    Item No. 3353D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $21.20
•    PV: 21.2

White Light essential oil blend, 5 ml

•    Item No. 4688D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $19.60
•    PV: 19.6

Bergamot essential oil, 15 ml

•    Item No. 3503D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $22.20
•    PV: 22.2

Journey On essential oil blend, 5 ml

•    Item No. 25121D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $35.80
•    PV: 35.8

Blue Cypress essential oil, 5 ml

•    Item No. 3083D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $23.80
•    PV: 23.8

Citrus Fresh Vitality essential oil blend, 5 ml

•    Item No. 5619 D
•    Discounted wholesale price: $6
•    PV: 6

All Black Friday promotional items are available for one-time order only.

Limit two per account for each bundle and oil, while supplies last.

NFR/APO shipping restrictions will be in place for the following products, due to items with Dangerous Goods designations:

•    Heavenly Peace Roll-On Collection
•    Merry & Bright Roll-On Collection
•    Beautiful Day Diffuser Bundle
•    Sweet Dreams Diffuser Bundle
•    Evergreen Essence
•    Tea Tree
•    Stress Away

If you wish to become a member to be able to purchase any of these items, CLICK HERE or message me on Instagram or email me at jordyjeanfit@gmail.com and I will be happy to help!

I hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for all of you.

with joy
jordan jean


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