August 21, 2019

Every Single Detail About my Simply Skincare Routine (with Free Printable!)

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Hi friends! I’m not kidding when I say “every single detail about my skincare routine” will be in this post. You’ve asked and asked and asked so you shall receive! I’m about to share it ALL with you and why my face looks the way it looks. Okay pause. It feels foolish to even say that so please do not be fooled on your part… My skin isn’t perfect by any means. It has however, improved drastically even from 6 months ago. I’m really thankful for that and I sincerely appreciate all of your sweet comments to me about it. They mean a lot! That being said, I want to make a very serious point here when I say this is what I do to my skin (and body… I’ll get into that later) and this is what works for me. There is no magic pill (trust me, I’ve tried enough skincare products that claimed to be just that and can tell you that was surely not the case for me) and every person is different!! Our hormones are different. Our gut microbiomes are different. The foods we consume are different. We drink more or less water. There are so many factors that go into this! That’s why, my friends, I’m going to be sharing way more today than just the skincare products and routine I use. Are you ready? Let’s get into this (by the way, there’s a free printable at the end so stick around!).

Skincare Routine

Gut Health

“Jordan are you seriously talking about this again?!” Yep. I am. The reason for that is because I started to see the biggest difference in my skin when I started focusing on my gut health because of our baby journey. It all starts and ends in the gut, as “they” say, but it’s the truth! Gut health can impact our endocrine system (which controls your emotions) which you can read about HERE, our immune system, our mental state, our skin, and more. It’s really important and something I harp on because no matter how great products you use on your skin may be, they will not solve all of your problems if your gut is all out of whack.

My skin is at it’s best when I remove dairy, gluten, and refined sugars from my diet aka Paleo and consume lots of nutrient dense foods. I’ve always tended to be more likely to breakout when I consume a lot of dairy so it doesn’t surprise me that I have this result when I don’t. I will say though that I started my new skincare routine while I was consuming those things and it still improved my skin.

Not only have I improved my diet but I now take this probiotic daily before I go to sleep. The quality of probiotics that you consume is very important! A lot of them on the market are just a waste of money, to be frank. Also, unless probiotics are being added to the yogurt you’re consuming, that alone will not cut it. The bacteria found in yogurt are typically destroyed due to stomach acid so there’s no beneficial effect. Here is a helpful article by the Cleveland Clinic to provide a better understanding of probiotics and what to look for when purchasing them. The best thing to do is consume a high amount of fermented foods! They are a terrific source of probiotics. If you don’t do that frequently though, I would consider adding a quality probiotic to your daily routine (consult with your doctor if you have any questions about this!!! I just know from my own experience that it has made a positive impact on my gut health and therefore my other bodily systems).


This term has really been hyped in the media in the past few years. I get it. Antioxidants are great! Especially for skin as they protect the skin against free radicals which are basically particles that can damage the healthy cells in the body. Free radicals can be produced naturally by the body, however they are also commonly found in air pollution, toxins, cigarette smoke, and UV rays to name a few. They are able to grab hold of extra molecules in the body which can cause damage to our skin’s DNA, which can accelerate things like uneven pigmentation, wrinkles, and dull skin.

Antioxidants are the little fighters that come in and fight off those free radicals that we have surrounding us nearly everywhere! My favorite way to get a hefty dose of antioxidants is by drinking Ningxia Red. Not only does it provide tremendous skin support but it’s also a great energy boost! My favorite way to drink it is around 2:00 every day in a big glass with ice and sparkling water.


Speaking of water… I do try to drink half my body weight in ounces a day. Some days I fail but other days I knock it out of the park. It’s silly but my favorite water bottle that we own is our trusty Hydroflask. I drink the most when I’m carrying that around all day. I also start every morning with a big glass of water with a drop of lemon vitality. I think that also has a big impact on my gut health and how my body responds to essential oils. In a great way!

Skincare Routine

Okay, okay I’ll get into the part that you’re really interested in… My skincare routine. Like I mentioned above, this is what works for me. I know of a lot of people that have had great results with this routine so I hope that is the case for you too! Again though, this is only a small portion of the much larger picture!

So here it goes… I keep it really simple. I wash my face morning and night with a washcloth and the Young Living Charcoal Bar Soap and then I follow it up with my DIY glow serum/moisturizer, and use this rose quartz roller on my face afterward. If I have any makeup on my eyes, I use a small bit of coconut oil on my wash cloth to remove it. It’s seriously the best makeup remover ever! You can also use jojoba oil to do this too.

The charcoal soap removes my makeup and I really think it helps brighten my complexion. The real game changer for me though was the DIY glow serum! I love this stuff for my combination skin. The best part about it is that it’s completely customizable depending on your skin type and needs. For me, I’m currently using Blue Tansy, Geranium, and Frankincense.

  • Blue Tansy has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties so it’s great at calming the skin, reducing heat, and relieving delicate or trouble skin. It has some serious capabilities when it comes to boosting your skins radiance!
  • Geranium is known to tighten the skin, promote the regeneration of new skin cells, and to diminish the signs of aging.
  • Frankincense contains many beneficial components for health but one of them in particular, Farnesol, aids in reducing the signs of aging by increasing the skins elasticity. It also helps with discoloration of the skin, provide support for inflammation, and tightens pores.

While my face is freshly cleaned and lathered up in oil, I use the rose quartz roller on my face following this method. I have noticed a big difference in the “puffiness” of my face. It has definitely calmed down since I started using this and my face feels I don’t know… Brighter looking? It kind of feels like it glows!

About 2-3 times a week I’ll try to remember to exfoliate my face with this exfoliating glove and my charcoal bar. I also just ordered the Satin Mint Facial Scrub that I’ve heard glowing reviews about (pun intended). I can’t wait to try it out!

When you join our oils community you are immediately plugged into our amazing community full of resources for you! We have a document specifically for glow serum and what to include based on your skin type so that you can customize it to fit your needs. The best and most economical way to join us is by purchasing a Starter Kit. You can read all about that and how to get one HERE! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask. I will walk hand in hand with you on this journey towards a healthier, happier home! If you want to purchase these products at retail you can do that too! Just click HERE and then click ‘Retail Customer’ on the right. Make sure the number 18225196 shows up as the enroller and sponsor!

Here’s a video of what I do!

Here’s a pretty printable including my routine and the basic DIY glow serum recipe to use in your bathroom!

Click HERE to download the PDF and print it as a 5 x 7!

Because of this routine and the way it has enhanced my skin, I feel as though I can walk out of the house with no makeup or just a touch of concealer and mascara on and feel great. I hope that you’re able to work off of what I do and customize it to fit your needs! My desire for you is to feel confident and BEAUTIFUL in your skin! You deserve nothing less.

I sincerely appreciate you all shopping through my affiliate links like the ones included in this post. I make a small commission when you purchase through these links at no extra cost to you. These funds help support my family and allow for us to produce better content for you all. I can’t thank you enough for supporting all that we do!

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  2. Chelle says:

    Love the YouTube video! Thank you so much for this post! I really think I just need to simplify! Btw….I love satin mint face scrub!!

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    I love how simple this routine is! Your skin looks amazing!

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