My hope is that this space serves YOU and helps to make your life feel a bit more elevated and a lot more joyful. I will be sharing simple recipes, affordable finds (and what to do with them), tips and tricks, our home (wherever the Air Force and life takes us), and a lot of joyful life in between.

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Spring and Summer Artwork

I was talking with an artist recently about a piece that she’s going to do for us and she asked for a description of what I like when it comes to artwork. I had a hard time putting it into words so I went on the hunt to find artwork that I love to give […]

Spring + Summer Artwork I’m Loving

House + Home


The Last Ten Things I Purchased from Amazon

Happy GOOD FRIDAY! I hope you all had a week full of happy moments and memories. To close out the week I’m sharing with you all the last ten things I purchased from Amazon. For some reason I always find posts like these entertaining to read. Maybe you feel the same way? If so, keep […]

April 10, 2020


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Budgeting like a team

April 9, 2020


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Budget Habits, Resources, and FAQs

Hey guys! Today we’re sharing habits that we suggest creating when trying to use a budget, resources to use on your financial freedom journey, and some frequently asked questions. If you haven’t watched the first two videos of the series, we suggest you start by watching those first! Our Debt Journey + How we got […]

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Bedroom Design Plan

Whenever we go home to the house I grew up in, Stephen and I stay in the guest bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with it at all but I did miss staying in my childhood bedroom. It’s bigger and it made me sad that it has been serving as a storage space ever since we got […]

My Childhood Home Bedroom Before Photos + Makeover Design Plan


Create a Budget with the Every Dollar App

How we Create a Budget with the Every Dollar App (Video!)

Happy Monday! Today we’re going to be sharing with you all how we create a budget using the (free) Every Dollar app. If you haven’t watched our first video on why we use a budget, how we got out of debt, etc. we suggest watching that one first before moving onto today’s video. In case […]

April 6, 2020


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Top Choices from our Baby Registry

April 3, 2020


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Our Baby Registry

Hi! Now that we’ve surpassed the 20 week mark with this pregnancy, I’m sharing with you all our baby registry! In my typical fashion, I researched this stuff a ton. I surveyed over a dozen of my friends, read reviews, researched many different options, etc. We had some specific goals in mind when creating this […]

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Getting out of debt

I’m so excited to be sharing this video (and series!) with you all! A few years ago after we got married and acquired debt, we started learning a lot about money and how life changing it can be to achieve financial freedom. We’ve become so passionate about it! Since we started sharing tidbits of that […]

Our Debt Journey + How We got out of Debt (Video!)


Bedding I’m Currently Loving

Hey guys! In the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing some window shopping for our next house. I know it’s early (we’re moving in September) but we’re also in the process of saving and I wanted to have a decent gauge on how much we plan to spend. I also just love the design […]

April 1, 2020

House + Home

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Customizable Body Butter

March 31, 2020

EO Recipes

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DIY Vanilla Mint Body Butter with Free Labels!

Hi guys! I hope you’re having a great day so far. If not, I hope this maybe can lift your spirits a little bit. This is a super simple DIY that I put together during the holiday’s to give as gifts. This body butter was so well received/loved by everyone that I gave it to […]




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