May 20, 2024

Acrylic Calendar DIY (Save Hundreds of Dollars!)

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As we’ve been adding more kids to our Tupta crew, Stephen and I agreed that it would be beneficial for us to have a family calendar to stay more organized. We thought it would be most useful if it was located in the main hub of our home where we’ll see it daily and where we discuss life the most – the kitchen (see the full reveal of our Mississippi kitchen HERE!).

I searched for months to find a calendar that would fit all of our boxes and eventually found a few acrylic versions on Etsy that I loved but holy guacamole they can be so expensive! I decided to try to make one myself. It took me quite literally an entire day to complete and I might’ve been on the verge of losing my mind but it came out so great and has been so useful for our family. A lot of friends that came over and saw it asked for the link only to hear, “I/she made it!” So here’s exactly what I did so that you can make one yourself too if you so desire.

What I Used:

What I Did:

  • I gathered all of the materials listed above.
  • Since the calendar is larger than what I can print using my Cricut, I watched this video to figure out how to cut the calendar in multiple sections to print. Make sure that you mirror your graphic when printing because you’re going to place the vinyl on the back of the acrylic so that it won’t peel off the front.
  • I made the calendar a couple of inches smaller than the board so I measured the board and made marks at the center and evenly around the edges so that I knew where you place the vinyl. The hardest part was lining everything up. Turn on a good audiobook or podcast to make it at least a bit more enjoyable. 😉
  • Five years later once it was finished, Stephen hung it up the same way he did here.

Like I mentioned it took me ages to complete the weeding of the vinyl and making sure everything was straight. Only to realize that I used white vinyl on a clear board that was going on a white wall… I didn’t cry. But almost… Anyway, all in all I saved us more than $300+ and even though it blends in with the wall, it has been so helpful for us and we actually loved how it looked in our kitchen update.

Post any questions you have in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get them answered. Until next time!

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