November 12, 2018

Modern Farmhouse Office Reveal

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Hi! Happy Monday! I wasn’t able to be on here much last week because of a very full work load and a gathering we hosted in our home (more on that to come!), so I’m really excited to start the week off with you all here. Today I’m sharing our office “reveal”! I know you’ve seen a few pictures of it on Instagram but I’ll share more on here and all of the sources in case you want them.

Farmhouse Office

We didn’t do much work in this room compared to our other updates/makeovers. This one just took us a while because it had been put on the back burner and we had to save up to buy some of these furniture pieces. The biggest challenge I had with this room was figuring out how to make our existing L-shaped desk to work in the space. We moved that desk around so many times… Eventually I reached out to my good friend, Sarah, who is an interior designer and she came up with a plan for me. It helped tremendously! From there, we were smooth sailing.

L-Shaped Desk Office

Since this is the first room you see when you walk through the front door, I wanted to create a functional space that fit the style of our home. This room is intended to be a dining room but 1. since it’s just the two of us, it would just be another place to decorate and then would sit unused 2. our kitchen table has plenty of room to host large parties 3. the dining room here in relation to the kitchen is still very odd to me. It’s kind of a “far” walk. Who am I to say though… I’m not an architect.


I love the way these signs turned out! My good friend, Natalee, and I made these while she was visiting this summer. That’s her handwriting! I love showcasing her talent in here.

I’m ALL ABOUT making use of and filling your home based on the season you’re in and at this point in life, an office is the most functional and useful for us. Maybe someday if we ever had children here it would become a playroom or maybe we’d decide we did indeed want a dining room but for now, an office is best.

L-Shaped Desk

This bookshelf is a simple DIY we did to a plain Billy bookcase from IKEA. Don’t get me wrong, it could be filled with neutral books, artwork, greenery, etc. to go better with the space but like I said, we really wanted this space to be functional. We not only are able to store our books but I also added the bins to store things like electronics, flash drives, and speakers. The top shelf holds all of my hand-lettering tools. Someday all of that stuff might make its way into the drawers if we accumulate too many books (which isn’t necessary to begin with) but for right now our bookshelf has a great purpose and does a great job.

Office Chairs

When I started to envision this room, I went on the hunt for some chairs. I came across these and couldn’t get my mind off of them. I thought they would be so perfect in here and I loved that they were a bit unique compared to the rest of our furniture. We saved up the money to get them and when it came time to order them, they were completely sold out. I couldn’t find them anywhere! I was so bummed so I kept checking and a few months later, they were unexpectedly back in stock and for over 50% off.  We snagged them and love them in here. We have found ourselves in here on Saturday mornings with the dogs and a cup of coffee. There’s just something about this space that we love…

The chairs are really good quality for the price. I just checked and they’re 59% off right now so if you’re interested, this might be the time to hop on it.

Organization Command Center

This room is the pups favorite, mainly for the windows, of course.

The coffered ceiling was not a DIY, as cool as that would’ve been. That was something we upgraded on our build. However, I did find this tutorial that seems very feasible if you want to achieve this look on your own!


  • Desk – our friends also purchased this desk and love it!
  • Desk chair – Stoneware beige color
  • Desk lamp – I can’t find the exact one online but I love this one and this is the floor version.
  • Chairs – these are 59% off right now and are always sold out! I also really love this one… It might be making its way into our master bedroom.
  • Rug
  • Drawer unit – these drawers are one of the best furniture purchases I’ve ever made (besides by Craigslist couch, ha!) It was a little bit of an investment piece but it holds so much and is a great way to stay organized. Eventually I’m going to label all of the drawers!
  • Bookshelf – we also did a little, easy DIY on this bookshelf to make it look bigger and more finished. I’ll share more on that soon.
  • Bookshelf baskets – love these! They can be used many different ways throughout the house.
  • Fig tree – I’m so sad that mine is sold out!! I found it for a really really good deal. This one is similar and beautiful (and comes with the basket!) but I can’t say I paid over $60…
  • Drawer unit next to desk – similar here and 40% off using code FURNDEAL
  • Curtains – DIY you can find here
  • Chalkboard – 50% off right now!
  • Sconce – with this sneaky trick!
  • Hanging wire baskets
  • Work hard, play hard signs: DIY
  • Chandelier – we thrifted this but this one is similar

When we had a big group of Air Force wives over last week a lot of them told us that this was their favorite spot in the house. After months and months of trying to make this space work and slowly but surely buying the pieces of fill it, that means so much. I hope you all enjoy it too and it inspires you in your own home!

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