November 7, 2018

Where You’ll Find Amazing Christmas Decor Inspiration

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Happy Wednesday! This week has been bonkers. I have had so much going on at work and getting ready for an “event” at our house tonight… All while finishing the guest bathroom makeover… Ha! It’s all good things! We’re having about 25 Air Force wives over tonight to make some signs for Christmas and have our monthly “meeting”, of sorts. We’re really excited to be hosting all of them in our home! I’ll try to remember to snap some photos to share with you all.

This is really my first year as a “blogger” in the decor/DIY “field”. I’m really excited about it! Last year at this time we were preparing to move across the country so we didn’t have a home to decorate. My goal this year (and probably every year after this!) is to share inspiration for you all going into the season but since I’m pretty new around here and don’t have inspiration from previous years to share, I wanted to share some of my favorite places to find beautiful decor inspiration for the season! Or maybe I just needed an excuse to share these beautiful photos? Boy are these humans good at what they do or what?!


@the_rusticpallet – this year Jessica is doing an Anthropology inspired Christmas on a budget. I’m so excited to see what she comes up with! She’ll be decorating starting the day after Thanksgiving so make sure to follow her so you can see her posts!

@thedowntownaly – Aly shares so much on her feed and has already started decorating for the season! If you lean towards glam/chic/there’s-so-many-words-I-could-use-to-describe-her-beautiful-style with touches of farmhouse, she’s one to follow!

@ourfauxfarmhouse – modern farmhouse lovers, this one is for you! Holly and Brad are some of my favorite DIYers but Holly also will be sharing tons of beautiful Christmas inspiration, I’m sure.

@bluebarnandcottage – again, you all have heard me talk about Loren’s home quite a bit. She provides so much inspiration for me. Last year her Christmas decor was so simple yet warm and cozy. I loved it and I can’t wait to see more pictures of her home all decked out this season.

@vintageporch – YOU GUYS! If you aren’t following Natalie, I don’t know what you’re doing. She has me laughing out loud daily and brings so much joy to my life because of it. She also has really great, budget-friendly DIYs for Christmas like this one.

@cottonstem – of course, I had to include Erin on here! She’s so lovely and everything she touches automatically becomes beautiful. It’s like she’s a fairy or something…… Like the rest of these great people, I’ll be so excited to see her home all prettied up for Christmas while scrolling through my feed. If you aren’t quite ready for Christmas decor, she posted her simple Thanksgiving decor on the blog and it’s beautiful (must be that pixie dust… 😉 )!

@laurenmcbrideblog – Lauren also has a blog! It’s one that I check daily. There are a few people that align with my style really really closely and she’s one of them. She has already started decorating while jamming out to Christmas tunes. Mahhhh gurl.

@kindredvintage – if you saw this post, you know that I love Susan’s front porch last year. I mean, really. I don’t think it can be any better. And then I think, “But just wait… I’m sure she has something beautiful up her sleeve for this year!”


Boxwood Avenue – I love love love Chloe’s farmhouse. She does such an amazing job at incorporating contrasting neutrals while adding in touches of natural elements. Speaking of natural elements, that’s what she uses most of with her decor and I love it. It’s all so beautiful.

Nesting with Grace – we all know that Brooke is a favorite of mine. She’s inspires me tremendously in our home (and in life)! I loved the black ribbon she used on her stockings last year and the tree with metallics, pastels and pinks! So beautiful.

Craftberry Bush – can we just talk about Lucy’s tree and decor this year? HOW CLASSY AND ELEGANT, RIGHT? The red, blue, and gold. Oh my goodness… Her decor was also stunning last year, of course.

Liz Marie Blog – another blog I check daily! Liz is constantly providing inspiration and by constantly I mean… She posts almost daily on her blog! Do you guys know how much work that is?! She’s the queen of vintage and I love her blog for that. Again, it’s always fun to see what she comes up with. She’s an AMAZING creator!

Sarah Joy Blog – if you’re not new around here and you see that name you might think, “Who is that?!” It’s Little Vintage Nest! Another one I check daily. Sarah is just going through a rebranding which I think is super exciting (and I know how much work it is!) so now you can find her over on @sarahjoyblog and Sarah Joy Blog. This section of her blog houses all Christmas related posts which is really helpful.

Blesser House – Lauren’s home is a stunner! I loved this entryway photo she shared last year. Man oh man it is beautiful! Pretty much everything she shares is budget-friendly and includes a lot of DIYs so naturally I gravitate to her blog very frequently.

Living With Landyn – someday when I grow up, I want to be like Landyn. She has the heart of a servant. If you need decor inspiration, she’s got you. If you need a great Christmas dinner recipe, she’s got you. Oh, and if you need to look and feel great while doing all of that, don’t worry, she’s got you there too. But in all seriousness, Landyn shares it all and I love that about her. Her style is a bit more modern than I typically lean towards but I know a lot of you out there love that in your home so I hope she inspires you! She’s another one that I swear is a fairy or something with “beautiful” pixie dust in her pocket at all times… Heck. All of these women must have some of that on hand!

Oh how I could go on and on… I know that could get overwhelming though so I’m going to stop here for now. I hope this helps you and inspires you while stepping into this Christmas season. I’m so excited to get started this weekend (but I’m not going all out until the day after Thanksgiving!) after I get this party over with tonight and I take a nap… Definitely need a nap…

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