October 26, 2018

Budget-Friendly Christmas Decor I’ve Picked Up so far + Photos that Inspire Me for this Upcoming Season

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I mentioned on stories a couple of days ago that I’ve slowly but surely been picking up Christmas decor *gasp*. The reason I’ve been doing this is because Stephen and I have never decorated a home for Christmas so we don’t own any decorations except for a few ornaments we were gifted, a mini Christmas tree (that we bought in college for Stephen’s dorm room … His name is Mr. Tree in case you were wondering), and a string or two of lights and I wanted to get very budget-friendly decor before it sold out. That might sound a little Type A or whatever you want to call it. It is. But I’m also right when I say… This stuff will sell out. I know that because I kept my eye on it last year and sure enough, it was gone quickly!

This photo from @kindredvintage makes my heart so happy and serves as my main inspiration for our home this Christmas. It’s so classic and inviting! Just what I’m going for.

Along with mentioning that I’m picking up Christmas decor I asked if it would be beneficial to share what I’ve gotten so far for those of you out there that are on the hunt for inexpensive decor or are like me and are starting with barely anything. I received an overwhelming YES so today I want to share the items I’ve purchased and what I’d order now if possible.

A lot of these items are sold out online. HOWEVER, if you select in store pick-up, they will most likely be available in the store and you can order them that way and then go pick them up. If you purchase them through my affiliate link I receive a small commission at no extra charge to you (I do not get commission if you just go to the store and buy the item without doing the online order… I’ve been asked that so I just want to clarify). I sincerely (x infinity) appreciate any purchase you make through my links. I can’t thank you all enough! It helps this platform of mine tremendously.

Of course I had to include one from @bluebarnandcottage! I love the simplicity of the tree and how she hung the garland on the fireplace.

So far all of the items I’ve found are from Walmart. YOU GUYS! They have such a good selection. All of their ornaments are color coded and everything! It’s fantastic.

  1. I picked up two of these flocked Christmas trees. They’re only $35 and they look so great in person.  I have some sort of idea where I’m going to put these in the house but I struggle a little bit because they would be cute in so many different spots.
  2. I also got two (I like getting things in twos if you couldn’t tell) of these flocked garlands. I’ll probably hang them on the front of porch!
  3. I may or may not have bought 10 of these flocked wreaths (pictured below). I have a little something special up my sleeve for them… And you can’t beat $9.97?! Stephen even agreed with that purchase (actually all of them, ha).
  4. I purchased 4 little clay houses from Walmart that were $1.97 a piece. I was thinking about painting them all white with some spray paint except for the greenery/wreaths on them and the small hints of red.
  5. I picked up 1 large, 2 medium, and 1 small of these lanterns. The large is only $12.84 which is amazing considering these things are normally $20+++. They’re also something I’ll keep in my decor capsule because they can be used so many different ways throughout the year!

These are the wreaths I purchased so many of! @the_rusticpallet’s living room has cozy written all over it.

Oh and to clarify… I’m not going to “hold back” when it comes to Christmas decor! I’ve leaned towards simplicity in this season of life but not in this upcoming one! I’m ready for greenery, reds, and whites galore for our first Christmas in our own house!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I appreciate you all tons.

with joy
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