November 8, 2019

Our Comfort Works Sofa Covers + Christmas Mantle Sneak Peek

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This post is sponsored by Comfort Works. However, all opinions are my own.

EEEK! I’m so excited to be sharing this post with you all. I’m very particular about what I share on here. No matter what, I only share things that I love and would purchase with my own money. Our Comfort Works sofa covers are no exception.

I used to not love our $200 Craigslist find of a couch. I have absolutely nothing against having second hand items in our home. That wasn’t the “issue”. It was really just the color and material that bothered me. It was the IKEA “pleather” we’ll call it. It was super easy to clean with the dogs and was very durable but it didn’t feel cozy whatsoever.

I found myself dreaming of a new couch but ultimately knew that wasn’t going to happen while we lived in this home. That money is better spent elsewhere or saved, for that matter. A new couch was certainly not a need, it was serving its purpose just fine. Then I came across Comfort Works and was amazed at the potential. I started researching their company and the products that they offered. Their mission is amazing! “Our sights are set on rejuvenating the world’s living spaces by saving one sofa at a time. Designed with the intent of beautiful, practical and simple living, our handmade slipcovers will breathe new life into your sofa.” We decided to try them out for ourselves and we’re so glad that we did.

We started out by ordering 8 different fabric swatches to determine what we wanted for our own couches. We wanted to be able to feel them and put them through the ringer (like the dogs do with our couches daily) so we were so glad Comfort Works offered this! These are the fabric swatches we ordered:

  • Nomad Grey
  • Madison Sand
  • Madison Ash
  • Kino Frost
  • Kino Natural
  • Kino Ash
  • Luna Flax
  • Luna Fog

We were immediately able to remove a few of the options just based on our own personal preferences on feel and color of the fabrics. We were torn between the Luna fabrics and the Kino fabrics but ultimately narrowed it down to two Kino options because of the “let’s rub this on the dogs and see how much hair it picks up” test that we performed. The Kino line does an amazing job at repelling the hair (it’s like magic!) so we were left to decide between two – Kino Ash and Kino Natural. The majority of you all voted for Ash in the poll and that’s what we went with – the Kino Ash sofa cover and Kino Ash Ektorp armchair cover.

Comfort Works Slipcover

Working with Comfort Works is extremely simple and their customer service is exceptional! Our ex-pleather couch is no longer sold by IKEA so it was actually a custom job they pulled off effortlessly. They even triple checked with us to make sure all of the measurements were correct. I really appreciated that. It just goes to show how much they care about their customers satisfaction and the quality of the products they put out there.

Comfort Works Replacement Slipcover

Some things we absolutely love about these replacement slipcovers:

  1. They completely change the feel of the room. We love how the room feels much more cohesive now and the couches look like they were always supposed to be this color!
  2. They make your couch look brand new! I mean seriously… You’d never be able to guess that it’s a $200 Craigslist couch under there. Like I mentioned before, the couch served its purpose just fine! These covers just make it feel brand new and super cozy.
  3. The Kino Ash fabric in particular hides hair and dirt extremely well. We’re constantly impressed by this. I felt like I needed to clean our white slipcover and vacuum the pleather couch weekly because it looked so dirty but this couch is not that way at all. If the dogs ever get any dirt or sand on them (which happens frequently by the way), we can easily wipe it off with a wet cloth and it’s gone.
  4. They are very easy to use. Each piece is clearly labeled on the tag so it makes it really easy to match up the correct cushion and cover after throwing them in the wash.
  5. Speaking of the wash… They can easily be thrown into the wash. I don’t know if we’ll never not have a slipcover couch. It makes it extremely easy to clean when there are any big messes or when they just simply need a good cleaning.
  6. They’re very high quality. The placement of zippers even is really great. I remember with the ottoman specifically, it was always really frustrating for me to put the cover back on with the IKEA slipcover. Comfort Works covers have different zipper placement so it’s much easier. I’ve been really impressed in the little details with these.

Replacement Slipcovers
Comfort Works

We’re so excited to see the “new” couch and chair in here with the tree up, mantle decked out, and all the Christmas pillows! I couldn’t resist getting at least a little *something* up so here’s a little sneak peek of our living room so far…

Don’t the new slipcovers look so great?! Something else we really love is now that the chair and sofa are matching, we can move the ottoman around whenever we want (aka whenever the dogs are likely to run into the table playing). It looks so much more cohesive in here now.

I think it’s time to go sit down in this chair with a cup of coffee and Harry Potter, what do you think?

If you’re interested in purchasing your own replacement slipcovers, I highly highly suggest trying Comfort Works! We have loved working with them and love their products. Let me know if you have any questions! I’ll do my best to help!

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  1. Kendall says:

    I think your sofas look so much more Pottery Barn than IKEA! I’ve had a couple of different colour kino covers now over the past few years and they do indeed hide pet hair better than original ikea covers. They dry quicker too. I’m going to try Kino Ash after a long run with Kino Charcoal. With a greyhound we too get some light pilling. I adore your throw cushions. Love your room. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  2. Chelsea says:

    Just bit the bullet and purchased two kino ash slipcovers for our living room! I’m excited and still anxious about the fabric’s ability to disguise dog hair. How are your covers holding up? Any updates or things you would have done differently? Any insight would be SO appreciated!

    • Jordan Jean says:

      How exciting! Our covers do not show dog hair AT ALL! I still don’t know how they don’t… They’re holding up well except for our dogs are SUPER rough on them so we do have some pilling. I use a fabric “shaver” on them every now and then and they look good as new afterwards. We’ve washed them probably half a dozen times in the wash as well and they have held up great!

  3. Farrah says:

    We are also looking right now and landed on a similar palette. Does the Kino Ash fabric do a good job of “hiding” the fabric of the original couch? We want to get covers for our leather sofa and worried about it being see through. Also, does the Kino Ash have black/cool undertones or is there any blue to it?

    • Jordan Jean says:

      It does. Ours is dark ‘leather’ underneath and it doesn’t show. It’s very neutral. I don’t think that there blue undertones really at all but there also aren’t really black/dark undertones.

  4. Elena says:

    Hi! I am thinking of buying a Kino cover for a Farlov sofa, and I was relieved to hear that it doesn’t pick up much dog fur!

    On a different note: Any chance you could tell me where you got your ceiling fan? It’s beautiful!

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