October 31, 2018

My First Podcast Interview (Ever!) with “Faith, Family, and The Force”

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Podcast Interview

Last week I was interviewed for a podcast titled, “Faith, Family, and The Force”. AnnaBeth and Oliver, the creators of the podcast, had a dream of having a radio show someday and realized “Hey! It’s 2018! We can do this now!” so they did. YOU GUYS! After listening to all of the episodes, I couldn’t help but think, “Wow. They’re naturals at this!” They were both so easy to talk to even despite never meeting them before (we had only ever chatted on Instagram ha!). The title of the podcast is pretty self explanatory. Oliver is also a pilot in the Air Force (currently completing his training where Stephen did which is pretty cool) so they talk about military life a bit but with everything else they discuss, I believe this podcast can be relevant to anyone!

It didn’t take long for us to dive deep into topics and struggles I’ve faced this past year that I haven’t shared much about at all. It’s something I was trying to navigate on my own (with a huge amount of support from The Lord, of course) and I think I have grown so much from it. Opening up about it on the podcast was so freeing and the fact that it might help some other people out there in the same situation or open up that thought process/start the conversation for them brings me joy. Stephen and I listened to it together last night and I realized when it finished that I was actually teary eyed. It made me reflect on this past year and all of the areas I’ve grown, spiritually and professionally in particular, and I felt/feel really thankful for AnnaBeth and Oliver starting that dialogue with me.

We would love it if you turn it on and listen while you drive, clean, work, whatever. Let us know what you think. We really hope you enjoy it! if you enjoy the podcast, don’t forget to rate, review, and subscribe!

Here is the direct link or you can listen to it on your podcast app.

Thank you all so much for your support. It is so appreciated and makes all of this time + hard work exceed the meaning of “worth it”.

[Film] Photography by Laura Schneider Photo – you are so talented, sweet friend.

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