July 13, 2018

Blogs I Check Daily

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Every morning when I get to work I complete the same routine: unpack my things, read and respond to emails, heat up my breakfast, make/pour some coffee, and quickly check in on my favorite blogs. I have found that this is a great way for me to start the day off on a joyful foot! I always feel a little more inspired and the majority of the time I’m able to add tidbits of knowledge to my noggin.

I don’t know if I’m able to articulate this correctly but what I especially love about these blogs and the reason why I check them daily is because they are so REAL to me. A lot of these bloggers post daily (which is amazing in itself) with topics that range from things like “DIY bench tutorial” to “I found a painting in a thrift store that I love” to “my spring capsule wardrobe”. It almost feels like a little glimpse into the bloggers brain and what they’re loving or up to at that time. I love that it feels somewhat random. Maybe that’s just me, who knows… But it’s the reason why I check these blogs daily compared to many others which don’t get me wrong, are also think are great but these ones in particular really resonate with me.

It also should be no surprise that I love these blogs because that’s typically how I operate too – I share what’s bringing me joy at the time and as we all know, that can be a lot of different things. HA! My goal is to get to the point where I’m sharing content 4x minimum a week that sparks joy and inspires you guys so I can be on your “blogs to check daily list” too!

Anyway, here they are. Maybe you’ll think they’re great and inspire you too!

Pink Door Window Boxes

Nesting With Grace – I see a lot of myself in Brooke. Literally, even in her hair. HAHA! Even though my style isn’t exactly the same, it still inspires me so much with our own home. I love how she shares just about everything from recipes, organization, DIY, and home décor. Her posts are the most “random” out of all of these blogs I think and I love it so much because it’s how I have always envisioned my little space on here. To see someone “successful” (what does that even mean in the blogging world?) while doing sharing the content the way she does is SO inspiring to me.

Blogs I Check Daily

Liz Marie Blog – I’ve followed LMB for a while now. Her life on the farm is basically my dream for when we get out of the Air Force in who knows how many, many, many years from now. I love seeing stuff around their farm (they even have bees!!!) and seeing how her taste has evolved over time since she started her blog many years ago. I also relate to her with some more personal life stuff that she shares (and I haven’t yet) so I just really appreciate her.

Little Vintage Nest

Little Vintage Nest – Sarah’s style resonates a lot with me, of course. She shares a lot of thrifts she’s transformed and how she uses them which hello, that’s like my middle name! LVN is another blog where I’m like, “OOO! I wonder what she’s going to share today!!!” It’s always fun to see what she’s up to. I know all bloggers essentially start “from the bottom” but Sarah shares a good amount about how she literally knew NOTHING going into blogging and had to teach herself everything and worked really hard to get where she is. Considering that’s me to a T, I think that’s another huge reason why I love her blog so much. Also, can we talk about how beautiful her picture above is?!

Simply Kierste Design

Simply Kierste Design – I found this blog recently and smiled as soon as I saw a few pictures of Kierste’s home. I’m pretty sure you could transplant her décor and rooms into our current home and it would look meant to be. There is SO MUCH beautiful content out there but it wasn’t until I found her blog that I found a blogger/designer that perfectly aligned with my design vision (at least for this house). She also has amazing DIY projects, gift ideas, and crafts! I love her blog. She was quickly added to my favorites bar at the top of my browser. You can bet I’m going to make that flag soon!

Aren’t they great?! I sure think so. I hope you all have a great Friday! Until next time…

with joy
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