July 17, 2018

Sconce Over Pantry – No Hardwiring Required

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Hello! Yesterday I shared the DIY farmhouse custom door trim tutorial and wanted to make sure to talk about the other amazing part about this makeover – the light! It was really simple, relatively inexpensive, and once again, adds a lot of character to our home. The best part about this light is that it did NOT require any hardwiring. I adapted Nesting with Grace’s good ol’ magic light trick and it worked like a charm. Not only is it so much easier than hardwiring but the sconce will also be easy to take down if I want to change it out or if we want to take it with us when we move.

What you’ll need:
What to do:
  • Spray paint the light using the black spray paint. Make sure the paint the hardware that goes on the outside of the light. I didn’t do that so if I’m standing directly under the light I can see the galvanized metal color but from the front and sides I can’t see it so whatever. Maybe I’ll get around to painting it at some point…
  • Add the AA batteries to the puck light and close the cap. Test out the light and remote to make sure they both work.
  • Remove the magnet off the back of the puck light and attach the sticky side of one of the strong hold strips to the back of the magnet.
  • Attach the two strips together on the black sides so that they are both on the magnet now.

DIY Wall Sconce

  • Remove the paper from another Scotch strip and attach it to the inside of the sconce. Hold it there for about a minute.
  • Add the puck light to the magnet.

Wall Sconce

  • Attach the sconce to the wall (we just stuffed all of the wires into the sconce before hanging it).
  • Use the remote or click the light (depending on how high the light is) to turn it on and off!

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