April 22, 2020

What I’m Thinking for a Baby Boy or Baby Girl Nursery + Inspiration

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Stephen and I have been looking online at houses in Mississippi to get an idea of what the market is like down there and to come up with a tentative plan for what we want to spend/how much work we want to put into the next house etc. We put a lot of research into things like this. I know that any set in stone decisions are going to be determined by the specific house we end up purchasing – its design, how much we pay for it and therefore how much we have to spend on working on it, etc. However, there are a lot of similarities in what we’ve been looking at so far.

Naturally it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that I wanted to start thinking about this little Tupta Tot’s nursery. Overall, I don’t think the plans I come up with for the nursery are going to change that drastically no matter what house we’re in. Everything we’ve looked at shares the same general idea – 4 walls and 1-2 windows. The floors may vary but that is also something we plan on updating right away (again, this depends of course). I’ll share more about that later!

There are two things that I like to do before starting on a room – search for inspiration and create a design board. Both of these help clarify the end goal of a project for us. I will say for this design, I struggled to find inspiration. There are hundreds of beautiful photos of nurseries on Pinterest, don’t get me wrong. They just weren’t aligning with what I was imagining in my head.

I know the trend right now (not just in nurseries but in general) is a lot of muted colors, neutrals, and boho vibes. Rightfully so! It’s beautiful! I wanted something different though that aligned better with our style, especially because I wanted to work in the red dresser. I painted it months before I found out I was pregnant again as an act of faith. I know red is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is mine and I was determined to make it work for both a boy and girl’s room (we aren’t finding out the gender).

Something else I don’t gravitate towards is “themes”. Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a themed nursery! It’s just not what I lean towards. I tend to gravitate towards spaces that don’t scream “a baby lives in here!” (minus the crib and rocker that gives that away). Needless to say, it was hard for me to find some inspiration that aligned with what I was imagining. I did find some nurseries though that really stood out to me! I took snippets of each when coming up with the design plans below.

I love all of the different colors in here versus just all pink or all blue. It makes it so versatile! A few things such as the artwork and crib sheet could easily be swapped out to make this a boy’s room. I also love the contrast between all the white and pops of color.
Source: @oh.eight.oh.nine
I know that I love adding some color but I can’t help but adore this room. Its simplicity is so charming to me. I love all of the wood tones and how cozy it feels.
Source: Pinterest
This gender neutral nursery is more on the modern side of things but it’s so fun! I love how the colors are non-traditional and how they’ve used the books as artwork. I think it’s such a good idea – not only cute but FUNCTIONAL! I also am a sucker for the polka dots.
Source: Pottery Barn Kids

See! I told you guys I struggled a bit finding some inspiration. With this project though it felt a bit easier to come up with a design plan because there were items that I knew would be in the room no matter what – the red dresser, the growth chart, the glider, and the crib. Once those were on the board, I was easily able to add in the remaining pieces. Since we will know the gender by the time this room comes to life (we’ll be moving a month after the baby is born), I decided to create two different options with more pinks and blues. Stephen and I both love how these rooms turned out!

colorful nurseries

Shop the boy’s nursery by clicking the links below:

Shop the girl’s nursery by clicking the links below:

Which room do you prefer? I’m a sucker for both of them. Stephen really loves the boy’s nursery design. He said, “It just feels so real to me!” It won’t be long before we find out which one we get to make come to life!

If you’re interested in seeing the design boards for some other rooms, you can find the office design plan HERE and master bedroom plan HERE! Not only do I have a great time doing this sort of thing but I also hope it provides some guidance and inspiration for you all in your own homes.

Thank you for being here today! Stay well!

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