February 19, 2020

My Dream Scenario for our Next Move + a Bedroom Design Board

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About a month ago we found out that we’re headed to Columbus, Mississippi for Stephen’s next assignment. Now that it has set in, we’re excited! There are so many things I’m going to miss about South Carolina, especially our friends but I do have to say… I’m ready to get this show on the road! We found out that we’ll be going sometime in September so now that we know a date I’m like, “What can I start packing?!” I’m only partially kidding… We still have a good bit of time so I won’t be packing up anything for a while. Besides, I have some dreams about our stuff and whether or not it’ll actually be packed up or not…

We know that we’re going to be selling our house. I’ll just go ahead and answer the question we get often, “Why not rent it out?” There are quite a few reasons for that! The most important to us though is that we don’t want to rent out a place that we won’t be able to drive by and check on ourselves. We know there are management offices that can do that sort of thing but still, it’s not us, so that’s where we stand on that.

Since we are selling our home, I have a little dream scenario for how that goes down. I think it would be so awesome if someone offered to buy the house completely as is, furniture and all (Stephen agrees with this, by the way). I’m not holding my breath whatsoever but goodness I think that would be so fun. I love the idea of starting over from square one and filling the next home intentionally, even though I’m sure it would be a slow process. There are a few small things we’d take with us but other than that we’re not attached to any of this stuff (because that’s exactly what it is!). Also, talk about an easy move!!! We’re only 8 hours away from the next station so we plan on moving most of our stuff ourselves (like a 90ish% DITY move for our military friends out there) versus having the Air Force do it for us this time around. This would make it extremely simple and economical.

Since we know that we’re going to be moving in 2020, Stephen and I have decided that we’re not going to do anything else to the SC house (except for a few very minor things before we list it). I really miss brainstorming our projects and working on them together so in order to get a little bit of that ‘fix’, I’m going to be sharing some design boards that I come up with in the meantime. Hopefully they’ll help some of you wanting to refresh spaces in your own homes!

My Design Thoughts for the Next House

In the next house, my goal is to add in more FUN aka color (this is assuming that the style of the house is a ‘classic’ style home versus a ‘Spanish style’ home for instance, which is not likely to be found in Mississippi)! At the same time I want to keep things from being overstimulating and try to remain closer towards the “essentialist” side of things. Basically not a lot of clutter aka not overstimulating… Ha. I still want to add in some vintage character to every room and at least a hint of black somewhere! Every room needs a touch of black, in my opinion.

Here’s my first design board for a bedroom! Hypothetically if we were moving into our new home tomorrow, these are the items I would gather for our master bedroom. I’m obsessed with how this is looking so far. I keep going back to the image and smiling. That’s why a design board is so important! I highly suggest putting one together before purchasing anything for a room! Photoshop is by no means necessary. Pic Monkey, Powerpoint, or Word are also other programs you can use to make them.

Can we talk about this rug?! I also just realized that it goes well with my blog colors… HA! If we knew the size of our next bedroom I would definitely be working it into the budget. I love it. I also changed things up and went with gray bedding. I tried white bedding with gray curtains but didn’t love it as much so I switched it up and love how it looks now (again, yay for design boards!!). Also, it’s practical for us because Brooke’s hair is black and she sheds like it’s her day job.

Now you know my dream scenario for moving plus how we’d decorate our master bedroom in the new house. So fun!! The real question is though, what room would you like a design plan for next?!

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