April 23, 2020

Update on our Painted Kitchen Pulls + My Favorite Cabinet Hardware

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Happy Thursday! About eight months ago I decided to paint our kitchen hardware. There was nothing wrong with the way it looked originally (a brushed nickel finish), it just wasn’t our style. I yearned for a little bit more contrast between the hardware and white cabinets. I can’t stress this enough – do what makes you happy in YOUR home!

Before I painted the cabinet pulls.

I removed all of the pulls and spray painted them gold using THIS spray paint. I absolutely loved the color of this paint, however, I didn’t love how it all looked together. Sometimes projects don’t go exactly according to plan (I should’ve made a design board for this!!)! That’s okay! We learn from it and move on.

After I painted the pulls gold.

I knew the answer was to paint them black so I removed all of them again and painted them using THIS spray paint. The gold paint covered the silver so well that I wanted to use the same brand for the black. Overall, I loved the way they turned out. I specifically chose a flat finish and Stephen and I both really liked the way they looked.

Cabinet Pulls

It wasn’t too long though before I realized I made a huge mistake by not priming the hardware IN THE FIRST PLACE. I’m talking before I even painted them gold. If I had known, I would’ve primed them using THIS and then went in with the color. Also, in my experience I’ve found that 2-in-1 paints that include a primer and paint don’t do the job as well as using a separate primer and paint so I would still suggest priming first even if you’re using a spray paint that includes both. To make the hardware even more durable, I’d suggest going the hardware with some steel wool first before priming. This will create a rough surface that the primer can adhere too. You can read a post on how to do this HERE.

Needless to say, the cabinets and drawers that we use frequently aren’t looking as great as the ones that we don’t. The paint scratches off pretty easily. Before we list the house, we’re going to spray paint them again and then add a top coat to make them more durable for the next homeowners.

Painted Hardware

Since I know a lot of people don’t want to deal with the hassle of painting their hardware, I’d figure I’d share some of my favorite knobs and pulls. I’ll tell you right now – our current kitchen has way too many pulls. That was the builders doing. If I could change it, I’d do knobs on the doors and pulls on the drawers. I think it’s certainly possible to make it work with only pulls! However, I think the length and number of pulls is super important when doing that.

One last thing. I think hardware can completely change the vibe of a space! A kitchen can easily go from super modern to rustic just by simply changing out the hardware. If it came down to it, I’d personally spend more on hardware and save up for decor at a later time just because I think it can make such a statement in a room. That being said, here are knobs and pulls that I’m drawn too!

I hope this post helps! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you all for being here today. Stay well!

*** UPDATE! We ended up removing all of the pulls again to paint them before we put our house on the market. We used THIS PAINT and it has worked SO WELL! We painted them about two months ago at this point and we have 0 chips or scratches. We just sprayed over the spray paint we had on there. This is my favorite spray paint so I don’t know why I didn’t use this from the get go! I hope that helps!

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