April 24, 2020

My Diaper Bag + Roundup of Mom and Dad Approved Options!

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One item in particular that I know mamas-to-be can get wrapped up researching is diaper bags. I get it! This bag is about to be your new BFF! It’ll go with you to the store, Disney World, church, doctors appointments, you name it. It’ll haul all of tools and yummies you can think of to try to keep your little one happy. It might even hold your wallet and car keys while it’s at it! 😉

Just like the rest of the baby related items we’ve decided on, I’ve done quite a bit of research on this. Hopefully this post can prevent you from having to do the same.

For me, it was important that I got a backpack that would not only be durable enough to last me for years to come but it also is timeless so that I would want to use it years from now. Especially because a lot of the diaper bags I was looking at are not necessarily inexpensive. I also wanted something that I could wear absolutely everywhere like I do with my Madewell tote. I’m not the type of girl to change out purses with the seasons. I just don’t keep up with things like that (aka I’m lazy when it comes to those things) which is why I tend to invest in pieces that have more classic colors/materials that will work all year round.

Lastly, I didn’t want a Mary Poppins bag. I’ve had so many bags in my day that were endless pits. I’ve learned through them that one of my biggest pet peeves is when I go to find something in a bag and feel like I have to keep digging and digging and digging to find it. Add an unhappy, screaming baby on top of that and I know it’s a personal recipe for anxiety. I might be the only one that feels this way but I have dealt with this screaming baby while desperately searching through a diaper bag scenario multiple times now and if I can find a bag to help avoid that, I will… And I did.

Fawn Design

Say hello to my diaper bag! This is Fawn Design’s Original Diaper Bag in brown. I’ve actually already started using it because I love it that much. It’s so functional, easy to keep organized, and I especially love that I can wear it as a backpack so I don’t have to wear a purse strap across my body.

Diaper Bag Roundup

The inside and outside both have tons of pockets and compartments including a large pocket in the back for a laptop or iPad and one bottle compartment on each side. It comes with an extra strap so that you have the option to wear it either as a backpack or a crossbody. It’s also made of vegan leather so any spills or messes will be super easy to wipe up. I’m not worried one bit about it being durable enough! Overall I think it checks all of my boxes and will be great for years to come.

Maybe you’re looking for something a little bit different though and you want more options. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Stephen and I went through and rounded up eight other options that we’d consider. A lot of these were chosen based on doing our own research online and selecting those that checked most of our boxes while others are bags that are friends absolutely love! You’ll probably be able to guess just by looking at the bags below which ones are Stephen’s picks and which ones are mine.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Thank you for being here today. Stay well, friends.

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