April 3, 2020

Our Baby Registry

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Hi! Now that we’ve surpassed the 20 week mark with this pregnancy, I’m sharing with you all our baby registry! In my typical fashion, I researched this stuff a ton. I surveyed over a dozen of my friends, read reviews, researched many different options, etc. We had some specific goals in mind when creating this registry – that it err on the “minimalist” side, that it includes stuff we’ll actually use, that is gender neutral, and that it includes items we’ll be able to use with multiple kids down the road. We tried to be really mindful of the price of items. However, some things were relatively more expensive because we hope to get many years of life out of them and have no intention on every buying that item again.

Top Choices from our Baby Registry

We decided to do our baby registry with Babylist. I had heard great things about both Babylist and Amazon registries. To be transparent – I was indifferent to the whole thing. They both have great qualities about them! They’re extremely similar. A lot of people really liked the diaper fund capabilities of Amazon but Babylist actually offers that plus a meal fund, doula fund, college fund, etc. With Amazon you can get 20% eligible diaper purchases within the baby’s first year but we’re going to cloth diaper *gasp* so that doesn’t really pertain to us. Both have a 15% off discount on items remaining on the registry and you can add from stores other than their own. I didn’t feel like I was losing with either option that we chose!

Let’s talk through some highlights from each category and why we decided on each item:


Goodness gracious, put the term ‘baby’ on anything and the industry will want you to sell your right arm for the item – baby swings included. We decided on this one because we liked that it wasn’t as expensive as others, it won’t take up a ton of space, and we’ll be able to move it easily around the house when we want to.

A lot of people love the Dock A Tot as a portable sleeper but we decided on the Snuggle Me Organic because it is less expensive and we’ve heard great things about it too.

Woof… Baby monitors can cost an arm and a leg too! We decided on this one specifically because it does NOT connect to wifi. Our close friends also have this one and love it. We used it while they were visiting and it worked well for us so that’s what we went with.

You might notice that one item we did not include on the registry is a bassinet. Our friends oh so kindly gave us this one that they were done using. Thank you, Laura and John!


Considering we’re moving farther away from family soon, we wanted a portable crib that we could easily take with us while flying, in the car, when we go home, etc. We went with this one based on the price, weight, ease of set up, and traveling capabilities. We have a good bit of family and friends that have the bassinet set up with theirs. It works really well for them especially in a two story home. That might be something to consider in your case! We were more focused on travel ease.

The multi-use 5-in-1 covers can be used as a car seat cover, nursing cover, shopping cart cover, high chair cover, and an infinity scarf. There were so many women that recommended these. I liked that they can be used in multiple different ways. I don’t doubt that we’ll get a lot of use out of them. They should probably call them a 6-in-1 though! Worse comes to worse they can always be used as a burp cloth!

I’m going to have an entirely separate post all about why we chose this carseat (and stroller) in particular! We put in solid testing, research, and thought into making this decision so we have quite a bit to say.

Speaking of stroller, you’re probably wondering, “Where’s the stroller?!” The stroller that we decided on is a bit of an investment so we decided that we wouldn’t include it on our registry and just save up and buy it ourselves. The one in particular that we chose is not a need by any means. Our baby would survive without it just fine. However, our intent is that it will be the same stroller we use for the x number of children we’re grateful to call our own someday so we’d rather save up and invest that money into it now.

In case you’re wondering, this is what we’re going with. We’re going to buy it from a local store that has the best price we’ve found. Again, I’ll go into more detail in an entire post all about it!!

Clothes & Accessories

We didn’t put a ton on here for a reason! We know that we’ll most likely receive a lot of hand-me-downs from friends and family! We did add 4 swaddles on here because they can be used for many different things and we plan on swaddling as much as possible instead of using sleeper sacks. This could all change, of course. But if we can get away with just swaddling the good ol’ fashion way, we’re going to try to do that!

We tried to pick options that were more colorful than the gray gender neutral options. We figure it’ll work for either a girl or a boy. We’ll just add a bow if it’s a girl and be good to go!


The Gathre mat is one thing we debated quite a bit. I believe though that we’ll get a lot of use out of it (I wouldn’t add it on here if I didn’t think so!). You can use it under the high chair for easy clean up, on the beach in the sand, in the middle of the woods on the ground, when doing messy crafts, etc. The difference between using this and a sheet, for instance, is that this can easily be wiped off vs. thrown into the wash and it’s thick enough so that you can place it on rough ground and still sit/play on it comfortably.

We selected this high chair because it will be able to grow with baby, it is not too large, and it appears to be easy to clean up.

The number one item that friends told me to add to my registry – the haakaa. I’m telling you… Every single one of my friends swears that this is a necessity. I can understand why! I know of woman that have freezers full of milk just from using this alone. That’s pretty awesome.

I’ve heard from so many friends and family that baby’s can be pretty picky about bottles/nipples. Some of our friends have dozens of bottles that have gone unused simply because their baby didn’t like them. The thought of having all of that goes to waste makes me sad. What we decided to do was get this bottle box instead and then when it comes time to bottle feed (which might not even come! We won’t be able to know that yet!), we’ll test out the bottles in this box and then just buy some more of the ones that the baby likes. Nowadays with the convenience of Amazon and with stores like Target and Walmart only ten minutes away, I’m not worried about it! We’ll make it work and we’ll try to reduce the amount of waste and unnecessary purchases in the meantime.


As I mentioned earlier, we’re going to cloth diaper. This might seem crazy to some but considering I’ve spent so many hours researching the topic (Stephen is completely on board by the way), it’ll save us a lot of money, and I work from home, we don’t think it’s that big of a deal. The wet bags are what hold the dirty diapers. The two small ones can go in things like diaper bags or the car and the big one will go in the nursery.

We have the newborn diapers on here because even though cloth diapers are adaptable depending on the baby’s size, sometimes if they’re so tiny when they’re born it can be a bit of a struggle to fill out the diapers. We figured we’ll just make it easier on ourselves at the beginning while we’re getting into the swing of things.

This changing table is a bit more expensive than others that I researched but we plan on using this for all of our children and it’s extremely easy to clean and sanitize. No need to remove a cover and wash it when it’s pooped or peed on.


The glider/rocker was something Stephen and I really cared about. We haven’t tried this one in person like we hoped to but we read reviews to make sure that it’s comfortable, durable, and that it’ll support our head while sitting in it. We’ll make sure to update you when we try it out! It comes in three different colors. I spent way too much time pondering over them but eventually decided to go with the middle option to be safe. It’ll definitely do better than the white option at hiding any bound-to-occur stains and I should be able to make it work well in either a boy or girl room.

Baby Registry

I love the classic, vintage vibe of a Jenny Lind crib! This is another item we plan to use for years and years down the road no matter if we have boys or girls.

Health & Safety

The not-so-fun-stuff… Another thing people swear by – the snot sucker. After watching my good friend use it many times on her daughter, I do too. It may or may not make me dry heave but hey, it works like a champ.


We didn’t put a ton in this category because we know that toys aren’t really a necessity for the first few months of the baby’s life and we’re trying not to acquire a bunch of things we won’t get a lot of use out of. We figure we’ll be able to determine out what we need as time goes on. We’re also trying to avoid moving a bunch of stuff to our next base shortly after the baby is born.


We plan on wearing the baby often so Stephen tried on multiple carriers, looked at many online, and eventually decided on this one. It was a big deal to him that it wasn’t too strappy, relatively inexpensive, that the baby could be worn multiple different ways, and for a significant amount of time (the one he selected goes up to 45 pounds).

I did a lot of research on baby wearing. Probably more than I’d like to admit. There are so many different options out there. However, I wore our good friend’s baby at a conference we were attending a couple of months ago for hours using a Wild Bird Sling and I loved it! It’s easy to use, the fabrics are beautiful (you can also choose your ring color!), and I felt comfortable wearing it while on my feet for the vast majority of the day. It made the decision easy for me. A lot of women love the wrap style so maybe look into that if it’s more up your alley for what you have in mind. I think this will be just fine for me!

Baby Registry Item

I hope you find this helpful! I’m sure I’ll do a follow up post after baby is born to go over anything we’d do differently, etc. Thank you all so much for being here today! Your support is so appreciated. Stay well!

I sincerely appreciate you all shopping through my affiliate links like the ones included in this post. I make a small commission when you purchase through these links at no extra cost to you. These funds help support my family and allow for us to produce better content for you all. I can’t thank you enough for supporting all that we do!

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