August 30, 2018

[FREE] Herb Prints in Our Entryway

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Farmhouse Foyer

Happy Thursday! I shared with you all our updated entryway and our board and batten tutorial but I was reminded today when I started planning out fall décor for this space that I also need to share about these frames and herb prints that I found. I love the cottage vibes of a wood and white combination so when I saw these in Home Goods it was a no brainer that I get them for this space. Speaking of Home Goods… Oh man do I love that place. Some of you might’ve seen my stories that night and know that I was whipping my cart around there 30 minutes before they closed. After days of working on the board and batten, painting, etc. I was so eager to decorate and bask in the finished product of our entryway. I knew Home Goods would pull through and would have everything I needed. Sure enough, I was right.

I ended up purchasing 3 of these frames at $13 a pop which I was happy with considering the quality and the fact that it saved me about $21 total compared to other frames I had been researching.

Barnwood Frame | Rustic Grey/Natural Wood Frame | Grey Washed Wood Frame | Natural Wood Frame

I also picked up two blue striped (which I naturally gravitate towards) pillows and a jute rug that Adi put a hole in the day after I put it there. It was very simple and exactly what I wanted for the summer.

Here are a couple of pillows at Home Goods that I’m eyeing. Especially the ticking stripe pillows. Those could easily be used all year around and would be great to have in a décor capsule. 😉

Neutral Option | Navy Ticking Stripe | Charcoal/Black Ticking Stripe

I can’t get enough of this rug. We have the large version on our back porch and love it. It will go with anything!

Modern Farmhouse Entryway

By the way, have you ever ordered online from TJ Maxx/Home Goods? We placed a pretty big order last week for our guest room and I’m really excited to see how it all looks in there. In typical Jordan fashion, I bought more than we need with the plans of returning some of it. It’s so hard to tell how something will look in/how the quality will be, etc. online so we’ll test it all out and if we don’t like something, we’ll return it at our local Home Goods (praise hands for not having to ship stuff back!). The items looked so pretty online and the prices were much less expensive compared to other stores. The shipping also didn’t take long which was great.
Anyway, I just had to share about that because I felt like a newbie ordering from TJ Maxx. Ha! Now back to the scheduled programming…

After I got home, I placed the frames on the little shelf we made and even with the tags still on them, I loved the way they looked. Quickly after, I started my research to find the perfect prints to fill them with. I knew I wanted to put something botanical in there for the summer (you all know how much joy the garden brings me! Minus the devil horn worms…) and I also knew I wanted them to be free. I found many options but I really loved these prints from Cherished Bliss. I picked my three favorites, printed one out on some normal printer paper as a test, thought it looked great, printed the other two, and put them in the frames. I didn’t have any fancy photo paper on hand so I didn’t use that but you can if you’d like! I still think it looks great with the plain paper and was obviously the cheapest and quickest option.

Free Herb Artwork

Now that we’re preparing for fall, these prints are going to be replaced with something else (that in fact, is also free) and saved in a folder to be used next year. Aren’t they so timeless? I love the simplicity of them. If you are on the hunt for prints to use around your home, search online/Pinterest first! There are SO MANY great options out there! It took me some time to find the prints that fit my vision but I loved that I also found so many other bloggers and prints to use for upcoming occasions along the way. If you decide to use these, tag me in your photo so I can see them in your home!
If you have any questions, let me know. Thank you all for your support!

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