October 22, 2018

My Top Picks from Rugs USA

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Rug Favorites

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Happy Monday!  I hope your week is off to a good start. Today I wanted to share my favorites from Rugs USA. We’ve purchased many rugs from them in our home and always get compliments on them. Rugs USA has a great sale going on more often than not so keep your eyes peeled!

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When it comes to rugs in our home I typically stick with neutrals (which includes navy blue in my mind). They can get pretty pricey so I’d rather spend money on a quality rug that will last a long time and go well with everything we bring into our home and then add different colors/textures with decor. It also makes it really easy to change it up and move the rugs around the house when they’re neutral and I don’t have to worry about the rug going with the “theme/vibe” of the room. Neutral colored rugs are also a great way to lighten up a space! I’m sure some of you are thinking, “My kids are a mess that won’t work…” My answer to that is – consider adding a rug with a pattern such as the one we have in our living room or kitchen. Both of them are light/neutral colored but do a really great job at hiding stains (we know from personal experience… Cough cough Adi and Brooke).

Another thing to consider is the color of your furniture. I personally like some contrast between the rug and the furniture so if I had a white couch, for example, I would consider a darker rug to contrast against it. Here’s a perfect example! I love how Loren (@bluebarnandcottage) paired this darker rug with the light colored couch. I also love that this rug adds a vintage vibe to this room! In comparison, we selected a lighter rug to give a little contrast and brighten up the room since we have a dark brown couch (and dark brown floors).

Living Room

If you need help deciding on the size, one of my favorites, Brooke from Nesting With Grace does a great job of explaining that in this post!

One last thing I’ll add… Another reason why I tend to stick with neutrals is because in the military we tend to move a lot (that made me just laugh typing that). I’m ALL FOR having what works in our home at the time and season but it’s also a hassle (in my opinion) to have to try to sell a used rug, buy a new one, etc. to fit a space. Because of that, I tend to stick to neutrals in hopes that it’ll work in the next house somewhere and because neutrals make me happy anyway! If it doesn’t work and if it doesn’t make us happy anymore, then I’ll get rid of it.

Kitchen Runner

Here are my favorites from Rugs USA including the many that we have in our own home. Let me know if you have any questions about them! The reviews and pictures on the website are also extremely helpful.


From upper left (like reading a book):

  • 1 – I think this one is so cute for fall!
  • 2 – We have this one in our guest bedroom! It’s very cozy and thick.
  • 3 – My friend has this one in her dining room and it’s so cute!
  • 4 – This is the rug we have in our living room!
  • 5 – I love the look of a white jute rug like this one under a wood kitchen table.
  • 6 – This is the rug under our kitchen table. Adi loves it too. 😉
  • 7 – The runner in our kitchen!
  • 8 – Our office rug. It’s so versatile.
  • 9 – Ever since Rugs USA released this rug a couple of months ago I’ve been eyeing it… I think it would be so beautiful in our master bedroom!
  • 10 – I’ve loved this rug forever and it has amazing reviews.
  • 11 – This is not typical for my style but I have always loved it. I think it would be so pretty in a bathroom with a white shower curtain that has lots of texture.
  • 12 – I love the subtle pattern on this jute rug. It could be used anywhere in the house quite easily.

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