August 28, 2018

DIY Chalk Paint + Painted Door

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I’m realizing more and more that when an idea pops into my head, if I think it’s a good one, it doesn’t take long before I’m figuring out how to get it done. Granted, some of these ideas I can’t just whip up on my own but there are quite a few of them that I do. This one is a prime example.

This is another one of those scenarios… I was working out with my friend Aubrey in our garage and while in the middle of a plank I looked at the door and thought, “It would be really cool if I painted that door with chalk paint so that we could write our workouts on it.” I mentioned it to Aubrey and she agreed, that would indeed be cool. For the rest of the workout I was thinking about how I could get it done while spending the smallest amount (if any) of money possible.

Painting Garage Door

I already owned matte black paint so to avoid buying ANOTHER can of paint, I wanted to try to make my own chalk paint to utilize the paint we already had. This recipe worked out so well! It looks really great and is going to be useful for us to write workouts, notes, motivational quotes, etc. on. Also, I LOVE the way the black looks. It makes me want to paint all the doors black..…

Chalk Paint Door

What you’ll need:

  • Any color interior paint (I used matte just because that’s what I had)
  • NON-SANDED grout
  • Mixing container
  • Stirring stick
  • Measuring cup
  • Tablespoon
  • Painters tape
  • Paint brush/roller
  • Fine grit sanding block

DIY Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint

What to do:

  • Prep your area with drop cloth/plastic and tape off your hardware on the door to avoid getting paint in places you don’t want it.
  • Mix together using a 1/2 cup paint to 1 tablespoon grout ratio. If you need more, for example, use 1 cup paint to 1 tablespoons grout. I suggest mixing less than you’ll need because the mixture will get thicker the longer it sits.
  • Quickly apply the paint to the surface using a paint brush/roller.
  • Let the paint dry completely.
  • Optional – for an extra smooth finish, sand down the surface**
  • Apply a second coat of chalk paint.
  • Optional – sand down the surface**

** I did not sand mine down (I completely forgot) and it still looks great BUT it could be because my paint was matte and black. I also didn’t really care because after all, this is a garage door and the thing didn’t have any paint on it to begin. It’s lucky to have gotten a little makeover! Hey! It’s better than it was before, right? If this were a dresser or big chalkboard sign, etc. I would definitely sand it down.

Considering I had most of the materials to begin with, this project only cost me $5 and some change for the grout. Even though it’s something as simple as painting a garage door, it’s going to bring me joy every time I pull into the garage (I still can’t get over how much I love the black!) and write on it. This would also be really fun for kids to doodle on (just make sure you teach them to stay in the door area ???? )!

Painted Door

Have you thought about painting your garage door? If you do, tag me in the photo so that I can see! And remember, the paint doesn’t have to be black. You can do this with literally any color!

Sorry this isn’t the prettiest picture. I can’t say our garage is the most beautiful of spaces…

Let me know if you have any questions! I hope you all have a great day.

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