May 1, 2020

Young Living Products Stephen Uses Daily + His Advice for How to Get Your Significant Other on Board

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Last year after doing loads of research because of our baby journey, I decided to get a Premium Starter Kit to try out essential oils and non-toxic cleaning products. I was a bit skeptical so you can only imagine how Stephen, a very analytical, type 5 enneagram through and through, felt about it. He knew that I had researched it a lot though and wanted to be supportive so he just let me do my thing.

The first two months it was just me “running the show”. I started pretty slow. I’d set up the diffuser in the morning and set it up at night before we went to sleep. I personally was using oils topically (on the skin) but I didn’t want to overwhelm Stephen by forcing him to do it out of the gate. I also started replacing toxic items in our home with non-toxic ones from Young Living. For example, when we ran out of laundry detergent, I didn’t buy any more from Walmart or Target. I just replaced what we previously used with Thieves laundry detergent (which we love).

After a few months of me using them consistently around the house, someone other than myself was setting up the diffuser and using all of our non-toxic cleaning supplies. Maybe it was a little elf? 😉 The diffuser not only makes a space smell great but it also provides this cozy, hygge atmosphere that I think we so desire. Needless to say, he started to want that in our home as much as I did so it became a team effort at that point.

How to get the husband on board

Over a year into this journey and we’ve pretty much replaced all of the products we use in our home with non-toxic ones from Young Living. I’m actually sitting here trying to think of what we haven’t replaced and I can’t think of anything whatsoever… We don’t use candles anymore. Our diffusers not only create that hygge vibe I mentioned but we also are able to use essential oils in them that support our wellness in so many ways. We only use Thieves to clean our home from top to bottom. Not only does it work so well but it’s completely plant based and toxin free. All of our soaps, shampoo, etc. are also from Young Living.

Stephen’s Favorites:

Thieves Roll On – He started out by just using a DIY version of Thieves to roll on (add 10-20 drops to a 10 ml roller bottle of Thieves and top with a carrier oil such as jojoba oil) but we eventually started getting them premade by Young Living. There is a lot of science that goes into the process of making their rollons and it is evident when you smell the difference between a DIY version and their version. There is certainly nothing wrong with a DIY one whatsoever! We still use them. We also just love the premade version too! He rubs Thieves on his neck every single day for immune support. He said he also likes that it smells more “manly”. This is his number one favorite Young Living product.

Thieves Household Cleaner – In general, Thieves was really the reason Stephen hopped on board. He loves the smell and he loves how effective it is at cleaning.

Shutran 3-in-1 Soap – This soap is a bit on the pricier side because it contains essential oils that are expensive BUT Stephen has been using the same bottle for 6+ months at this point. He uses only a tiny amount because a little goes a long way. We both love how it smells! I’d suggest if your husband overdoes it with the soap, to add plain castile soap to the bottle to make it go further!

Deodorant – He said he doesn’t really have a favorite! He’s tried many of them at this point and they all have worked well for him. Currently he’s using the Meadow Mint (my favorite).

Thieves Whitening Toothpaste – As an avid coffee drinker, Stephen prefers whitening toothpaste so he was excited when they came out with this product. It’s by far our favorite toothpaste.

Valor Essential Oil – He loves Valor! He made an “everyday” roller bottle that puts on every morning that contains Valor, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Sacred Frankincense, Bergamot, and Lemon Myrtle. It smells like candy. I might just have to use it too…

Young Living Products

Stephen’s Advice for how to get Your S/O on Board:

  1. Take baby steps. Don’t go buck wild with it and throw all of your husband/boyfriend’s stuff out at once and think they’ll be okay with it… Slowly replace products that they run out of with the non-toxic Young Living versions. I say one new product every month or two.
  2. Replace your cleaning supplies with Thieves Household Cleaner. If the other cleaning supplies are gone, they really have no choice but to use the Thieves. Put it somewhere in the house where they’ll see it and use it (we keep ours right next to the kitchen sink). It smells good and it works.
  3. Be persistent and create a new habit in your home by setting up the diffuser every morning and night. After she did it for long enough, it eventually became a thing that I expected around here so I started to help with it too.
  4. If you want to have him start using a roller, after some time when you ask him to “just rub a little bit of this onto your neck” make sure it’s a masculine smell. Jordan first did this with a Thieves roll on and I will admit – I did not mind it.
Non-Toxic Products

The way we got started with this journey is with a Premium Starter Kit. Considering the amount that comes in the kit, it is by far the most economical way to become a Young Living member. You can read about how to get started HERE or you can message me on Instagram or email me at jordyjeanjoyls@gmail.com. We’d be so happy to have you on this journey with us! Stay well!

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