April 10, 2020

The Last Ten Things I Purchased from Amazon

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Happy GOOD FRIDAY! I hope you all had a week full of happy moments and memories. To close out the week I’m sharing with you all the last ten things I purchased from Amazon. For some reason I always find posts like these entertaining to read. Maybe you feel the same way? If so, keep on reading!

the last 10 things I bought on Amazon

Jojoba oil: This month I’m sending my favorite glow serum (I only use my DIY toner and glow serum on my skin, that’s it!!!) to all of the people that join my oily community. The recipe includes jojoba oil, Blue Tansy essential oil, and Rose essential oil. Those are the most expensive oils offered by Young Living and they are phenomenal for skin! I’m so excited to hear about how our new members love it this month!

Satin hair scrunchies: I recently noticed when I put my hair up, which is often, that the bottom section of my hair looks like it has broken off. I have random sections that are so short. I know that pregnancy can cause some weird things like this to happen but as soon as I noticed it I started to analyze everything that could be causing the breakage. I haven’t really changed my styling routine at all or the products I use. One thing I still did though was use normal hair ties *all of the curly girls gasp*. I know people think that’s horrible and yadda yadda but I had them so I used them… Even when I put it up at night to sleep. Of everything I thought of I believed that might be the main factor so I decided to try some satin scrunchies instead. I looked through dozens and ultimately decided on these. I wear them constantly now. Even to workout. They’re so fun and much more gentle on my hair but still tight enough to hold it all up (I have a lot of it!).

Wool felt balls: Another gift I’m sending to all of the new members that join our oily community this month is a diffuser rainbow! They are so precious and can make the space where you hang them smell great! I ordered these wool felt balls to use on them (although shipping got messed up so it’ll be the next batch!), to make fun garlands with, and other DIYs that pop in my noggin’.

Robot vacuum: I shared all about our love for Nigel in this post HERE. He was a gift from my parents! Well when my mom came to visit last month she couldn’t get over how well he worked. Then when I visited home she proceeded to talk about the silly vacuum multiple times so we went ahead and bought one as a birthday gift to my parents. They love it but they haven’t gotten on our level and named the thing (yet).

Dish brush: Purchases that come along with adulting… We needed a new one so into the Amazon cart it went.

Dog bones: Costco used to sell this exact pack of bones for $18 on sale or somewhere around there. Our dogs absolutely love these bones and we love how long they last so we waited for over six months hoping Costco would bring them back. Unfortunately they haven’t yet! It’s alright though because I finally found them on Amazon for a decent price. The dogs were smitten when we opened up the package!

Bidet: Some of you might think we’re crazy but my brother finally convinced me to get a bidet and by golly I think it’s the best purchase we’ve made in the past year. It is seriously the greatest thing since sliced bread. I don’t know why we waited so long to get one. This one in particular is sold out at the moment (not surprised with COVID-19). I’d suggest waiting until it gets back in stock to get it. There are a lot of different types of bidets out there but this one is great for a few reasons: you control where to spray the water vs. the models attached to the toilet seat where you have to move your bum to get everything sparkly clean, it can be used to clean cloth diapers, it can be used to rinse off the dogs in the tub, and it can be used to rinse the shower down when cleaning it. It’ll also be amazing postpartum! I’m sure people can find other uses but those are our highlights. Again, you might think we’re crazy and I will say – I never thought I would talk about such a thing on my blog but goodness gracious I have no rAgrets (not even a letter).

Mighty Bubbles: Stephen and I plan on cloth diapering once the Tupta Tot gets here. I’m sure I’ll share an entire post dedicated to this decision. Anyway, cloth diapers can be expensive but I found 30 of the brand we were hoping to use for sale on Facebook Marketplace that were in phenomenal condition. I snagged those puppies up and made sure to follow the procedures to sanitize them. Sometimes cloth diapers can have a lot of build up from laundry detergent that decreases the absorption ability of the inserts so it’s suggested to strip them. That wasn’t really the case with the diapers we bought (there are “tests” you can do on them to determine if you need to do this). However, we had multiple microfiber cloths we use in the kitchen that desperately needed to be stripped anyway so we ended up stripping those and the diaper inserts together using this product. The other product that is commonly used to strip diapers is THIS ONE. I researched this a ton and according to everything I read, vinegar DOES NOT strip effectively despite some blog posts out there on the interwebs. Trust me, I would’ve gone that route if it did!

Pregnancy pillow: I started struggling with sleeping comfortably in the first trimester. I always sleep with one leg up (in a passe for my fellow dancers out there) and even though the belly wasn’t huge at that time, I was already struggling to remain comfortable. I decided to get this pillow and my sleep in the second trimester has been way better compared to how it was in the first. I liked that this one has a removable cover and can be used in many different positions. I also like to use it when I read at night to set my book on while I sit up.

We are the Gardeners: I’m starting to collect baby books. Not only will we read them of course but I love the idea of changing them out with the seasons to double as decor! This book is PRECIOUS! The illustrations are fantastic.

I hope you all have a really lovely weekend and a very Happy Easter. Stephen and I are going to spend the day celebrating our Savior and making an extra special meal together. Despite all that is going on in the world, we are so grateful for this time, for this special day and for all that it means. It is finished (John 19:30).

Thank you all for your support and for reading this post today. It’s always so appreciated.

I sincerely appreciate you all shopping through my affiliate links like the ones included in this post. I make a small commission when you purchase through these links at no extra cost to you. These funds help support my family and allow for us to produce better content for you all. I can’t thank you enough for supporting all that we do!

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