April 15, 2020

Spring + Summer Artwork I’m Loving

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I was talking with an artist recently about a piece that she’s going to do for us and she asked for a description of what I like when it comes to artwork. I had a hard time putting it into words so I went on the hunt to find artwork that I love to give her a better idea. On my search I got thinking about art and how it’s perceived so differently by all of us and how what we love and gravitate towards is determined upon so many factors.

Artwork I Love

Since my initial search I’ve done even more artwork hunting with the new house in mind. Stephen and I are pretty set on creating a blank canvas in whatever house we move into (I’ll explain more on what that means to us in a later post). Since I’m also determined to add more color and fun, I know I definitely want to have more meaningful art around the home. It’s something I could’ve improved on in this house but honestly just never wanted to spend the money on it. I also got pretty held up on it because I think choosing art can be a tricky thing. Some art selections can easily make a space look “cheap” and meaningless. Once I really started searching for artwork though and purchased our first piece that we loved, I realized how happy it can make us.

I might still not be able to give you the proper words on how to explain the artwork that I gravitate towards but I can show you! Here are my favorites for the Spring and Summer months. Every single one of these pictures I saw and thought, “Oh, I love this.”

There are two in particular that I really loved! I think this one especially because I feel like I’m looking at my happiest self – sitting by the water with a braid in my hair and a touch of color to my skin.

Spring/Summer Artwork

Do you want to know why I love this one? I like berries and I love the color red. The fun colors and simplicity to it make me happy. I also love how the colors tie in with the other painting. See! I told you artwork is a funny thing…

Summer Artwork

Are there any pieces of artwork here that really stand out to you? I’d love to hear what your favorites are! I’m so intrigued at how each of us is moved so differently by something like artwork. What a beautiful thing! Stay well, friends.

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