August 10, 2018

Spring + Summer 2018 Capsule Wardrobe

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Capsule Wardrobe

Happy Friday! If you haven’t read this post in which I shared the why, what, & how behind my capsule wardrobe, do that first! This post will make much more sense if you do.

Even though we’re creeping into fall, I wanted to make sure to share this with you all so that you could get an idea of what I put in my capsule for the spring and summer of this year. Every person’s will most likely be different. We all have different lifestyles, different bodies, different tastes in fashion, etc. This is what worked for me, a blue, white, and gray pallet with some very casual pieces and a couple of formal ones. I was able to mix these items so that they worked for going out, church, lazy days at home, working outside in the garden, you name it.

I do want to clarify that this capsule does NOT include my work or workout clothes. Since I have what could be classified as a “dirty job” and need to dress for the cold, I wear very different clothes to work. The items in my capsule are what I’d wear if we went away on a trip (capsules make packing a BREEZE by the way) or things I grab on Saturday and Sunday mornings. If you work from home, are a SAHM, or have a job that allows you to dress in your “typical style” even better! Then you could get even more use out of your capsule. I personally wish I could grab for this stuff every morning! I could make hundreds of different outfits using the items I have here.

When I created my capsule I didn’t know what really was going to be in it. I just followed the steps I mapped out in my last post, looked at what was left in my closet (what brought me joy), and surprise surprise, it was pretty much all white, blue, and gray. I did have a few “gaps” in my wardrobe so I determined what I needed to fill them, did research to figure out where I’d buy the items, and went out with Stephen one Saturday to purchase them.

Here’s what I needed: A couple more plain tanks/shirts that could be dressed up or down, a white T, a pair of white jeans, a pair of plain jeans, and a dress I could throw on easily on Saturday but also that was acceptable for church aka my chambray dress. I bought all of that from Old Navy at inexpensive prices and have worn every one of those items multiple times since then. Other than that, everything included in my capsule was stuff I already owned, most it of for years. I included links for everything but since a lot of it is a couple+ years old, the exact item is no longer available. I noted (similar) when that is the case.

Most of my wardrobe comes from J. Crew Factory, Old Navy, or thrift stores. I would like to get more intentional about where I buy my clothes from but I still struggle with the thought of paying $50++++ for a shirt considering I get years of wear (I’ve literally had some of these pieces for 5 years and still wear them regularly) out of these much less expensive options.

Since I created my capsule for the spring and summer I have only purchased ONE piece of clothing. It was an $8 t-shirt dress from Old Navy that I loved and wanted to wear on July 4. Thinking back on that I’m really proud and impressed with myself. That’s not something I would’ve been able to say in years past and will 100% admit that I do not miss all of the things I “could’ve had”.

Anyway, HERE IT IS!

Tops:Capsule WardrobeSummer Tops

Gray Tank | Blue Tank | Ruffle Top (similar) | Ruffle Tank (similar) | Ruffle Blouse (similar) | Chambray Tank (similar) | White Tank (similar) | White Blouse (similar) | Striped T | Peplum T


Summer Dresses

Romper (similar) | Swing Dress | Oiselle Roga Dress (similar) | Chambray Dress + another super cute option | Ruffle Dress (similar) | White Dress (similar)

Shorts/Skirt:Capsule Wardrobe

Red Shorts | Jean Shorts | Navy Shorts | Navy Skirt

Jeans:Capsule Wardrobe

White Jeans | Simple Jeans | Boyfriend Jeans

In case it’s a bit chilly (aka church and out for dinner):Capsule wardrobe

Chambray Button Down | Jean Jacket (similar and worth every penny)


Capsule Wardrobe Capsule Wardrobe

Nude Sandals (similar that I prefer more actually) | Jack Rogers (similar) | Saddle Sandals (similar) | BircksSperry Sneakers | VANS | Nude Heels (similar) | Brown Heels

with joy
jordan jean


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