August 15, 2018

26 Random Facts For My 26th Birthday

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26th Birthday Facts

This past Sunday I turned 26. Holy camoly… I can’t believe it. Life is flying by way too fast. From a very young age I’ve been very adamant about not wanting to grow up. I remember when every teenager surrounding me was saying, “I can’t wait to move out. I hate it in Virginia.” Nope. Not me. I was never that girl and am still not to this day. But what can ya do?! I guess it’s time to embrace the fact that I am indeed going to get older every year (by the Grace of God, of course).

I read an article today about what 90-year-old’s most regretted in their life. You know what it was? They all said they wished they loved more. That makes me really sad but I’m also glad it made me reflect on my own life, especially this past year. I don’t want to feel that way 74 years from now. I don’t want to regret not loving enough. I know I could be much better about this – loving Jesus, myself, and those around me. Far too often I let life get in the way. I’m sure I’m not alone on that. This year I’m going to be really intentional about not letting that happen.

A favorite blogger of mine (Liz Marie Blog) shares a list of facts about herself every year for her birthday and I love reading them. I started to think about what I would say for mine and before I knew it, I had nearly the entire list completed. I know I’m a few days late but hey, these were fun to sit and think about and they’ll be fun to share. I hope some of them make you laugh and give you a deeper glimpse into what makes me, me.

  1. My favorite color is red but pale blue and navy blue are not far behind.
  2. At one point in college I had orange hair. I think I have PTSD from it (it was a dye job gone wrong…).
  3. When Stephen and I met I was indeed “rocking” said orange hair.
  4. I’m a 2x Virginia Tech alumna (Go Hokies!) but it was not my first pick for colleges (The Naval Academy was #1).
  5. I have a Master’s in Food Science and Technology.
  6. In high school I went through a phase where I would secretly spell everything out using sign language while I was speaking. For the longest time I didn’t realize I was doing it…
  7. My favorite drink is an Arnold Palmer. If that’s not available I love iced tea with just a tad bit of sweetener – NOT the fake sweetener crap. Barf.
  8. I’m a solid type A/B personality. I’m so relaxed about some things and the exact opposite about others.
  9. I changed my major 5 times in college.
  10. At one point in college I was a music major in hopes of becoming a music teacher.
  11. Soda makes my skin break out, especially Diet Coke.
  12. I once ate 16 worms with my good friend as a dare at church camp. Doritos are a good chaser for this, by the way.
  13. I have one younger brother, John Michael. We’re only 18 months apart.
  14. I’ve never broken a bone.
  15. When I pass someday, I want my funeral to be decorated like it’s Christmas, no matter what time of year it is. It just makes me giddy and so ridiculously happy.
  16. December 26 is my least favorite day out of the year.
  17. I’ve always been a Daddy’s girl.
  18. I played some sort of instrument from the time I was 6 until the day I graduated from undergrad at Virginia Tech.
  19. Out of every instrument I’ve played, I studied bassoon the longest. Chances are likely you’ll need to Google it.
  20. I enjoy getting dressed up but what I really love is throwing on a pair of boots and putting my hair up.
  21. I’ve had a bad habit of biting my cuticles since a very young age and still do. Stephen does too, ironically enough.
  22. I want chickens.
  23. If I had to choose what my last meal on Earth would be it would be my dad’s steak, my mom’s mac & cheese (WITH KETCHUP), and roasted or grilled asparagus.
  24. Eating a Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich on the day after Thanksgiving is the highlight of my year.
  25. I think octopus are absolutely disgusting. It blows my mind that people eat them. Sometimes while they’re still alive…. *dry heaves*
  26. I’ve run 14 marathons. My goal is to complete one in every state.

Thank you all for making this year on the blog a really special one for me. It was full of growth and change that wouldn’t have happened without your support. It was really a highlight of year 25 for me so THANK YOU!

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