July 10, 2019

Our Wedding Registry: What We Would and Wouldn’t Have Done Differently

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Happy #WeddingWednesday! Today I’m going to share all about our wedding registry – what we would’ve added, removed, and changed. Before I get into this post I want to mention that I do have affiliate thinks included in here! If you purchase through any of these links, I make a very small commission at no extra cost to you. These earnings support my family and enable me to provide more content for you all. Your support means so much so thank you!

I can’t believe I’ve had the privilege of being married to Stephen John for two years already! What a joy it has been! We might still have a lot of life to cover together but we have learned quite a bit in these two years, one of which being what we should and shouldn’t have put on our wedding registry. After analyzing this for hours, we realized that there isn’t a tremendous amount of things we would’ve changed but we do have some suggestions. Hopefully this is helpful for those of you preparing your own registry. What a fun time!

To preface this – Stephen and I knew when preparing our registry that we would need quite a bit. We each had old hand-me-downs that we had gathered over the years to get us through school and dorm life in the Air Force so when we moved after we got married, we donated most of our things and started from scratch with our registry items. I’m sure the size of registries can vary but this is what we put on ours and it worked out really nicely for our guest list of ~190 people.

We registered only with Macy’s but looking back we would’ve done both Macy’s and Amazon. We had an amazing experience working with Macy’s and loved everything they offered. We also knew that they have sales so frequently so our friends and family would be able to purchase the items on sale more likely than not. There are some items that we would’ve put on the registry that weren’t available through Macy’s at the time which is why I think it would be helpful to also have an Amazon registry.

Dinnerware + Silverware + Drinkware

Considering how much we move and how little we knew we’d use it, we decided we didn’t want to ask for a set of fine China. Instead, we decided on the Portmeirion Sophie Conran line because we knew we’d be able to use it daily as well as for special occasions. It’s white and timeless but also has some fun subtle detailing on it that gives it some character. We LOVE it! It was and still is our favorite part of our registry. They have so many different items they offer all within the line. On our registry we put 10 sets of THIS dinnerware (by the way, all of the items are packaged in the most beautiful boxes!) as well as pretty much everything else they offered. I would highly suggest adding 4+ of these pasta bowls too! We only ordered two and I think I just might have to get a couple more. We use them very frequently! Once we received everything we put on the registry, we only returned a couple of items from this line. How many different sizes of the same platter does one REALLY need? I will say though… I think we used almost every single item when we hosted Thanksgiving this past year!

We decided on THIS flatware set because we knew it would be timeless and durable. One set has been more than enough for us! Rose gold/gold/black would be really fun and pretty but we wanted something that we knew we’d still enjoy ten years from now. These things aren’t cheap!

We also asked for a set of white wine glasses, red wine glasses, and highball glasses. We didn’t ask for regular tumblers since we already had a set from Home Goods that we loved but I think THESE are lovely or if you’re going for a more simple vibe, THESE would do the trick!

Food Storage + Kitchen Gadgets + Tools

Something I would’ve done different is asked for another set of glass Pyrex bowls. We use them daily! We did ask for a set of THIS French Corningware set though and received two of them on accident. I am so glad that we did! We love that we can use them to cook things in the oven and also as food storage.

Is a wedding registry really complete without a Kitchen Aid mixer?! I already had one prior to getting married but I think if I could request for one now I would’ve added the copper! It’s so beautiful!! I’ve heard of some people say that they never use their Kitchen Aid but that is not the case for our house. That poor thing has run a few marathons by now… I use it any time I bake of course (which is frequently) and we also like to use THIS attachment with it to make noodles or slice vegetables with. Stephen is a pro at that!

Another big favorite of ours from the registry – our Ninja coffee maker! We originally had a Keurig on there but we ended up exchanging it for this. We are so glad that we did! This coffee maker can range from making a single cup to an entire pot. It’s not as convenient as a Keurig because you do have to scoop the coffee (first world problems???) but you’ll get over it! It’s also more economically and environmentally friendly and has a lot of other cool features on it to spice up your coffee making life.

THIS pots and pans set is timeless and has held up beautifully. I would love to switch to stainless steel bakingware as well but wasn’t able to find a set that included as much as the set that we received. We use it and the pizza pan all the time.

As for any other kitchen gadgets, I know it’s easy to go buck wild. There are so many things out there to choose from! Staples that I’d add that we use very frequently are an Instant Pot, Crock Pot (yes, we use both), toaster oven (this one is an air fryer + toaster combo which would be amazing so you don’t have to store both! We use our air fryer frequently!) and blender (we use ours daily so I wish we had this one! My best friend got this Ninja set though and loves it especially because it has a food processor option!). We also love love love our dutch oven.

Bedding + Towels

Ohhhh if Serena & Lily had a registry service… Ha! Out of our entire registry, I think the bedding is the only thing I would’ve changed. We asked for bed sheets, towels, a duvet insert, duvet cover, and a floral comforter. If I had to go back and change anything, I wouldn’t have asked for the comforter. I would’ve asked for the same one probably but as a duvet! That way, you can remove the insert and throw it into the wash. We do that with the comforter so it’s technically “easier” than the duvet but the cotton inside of it gets clumped and is hard to make right again. Also, if you get a good duvet insert, it should keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This comforter just keeps us warm all the time! If I were to make our registry now, I’d add THIS king (get one size larger than the cover so that it’s extra fluffy!) duvet insert from Macy’s or THIS one from Amazon and THIS queen (we have a queen size bed) linen duvet cover. Linen is so timeless and gets better over time. I’m so amazed I found this one on Macy’s! I think I might have to pinch my pennies to get one. It’s very similar to the Serena & Lily option but on sale is much less expensive. Another change I would’ve made… I would’ve invested in THIS linen quilt in white or a neutral color with the wedding money. I know that’s not able to go on the registry with Macy’s but I do think it is worth it and is something that will last you for at least 10 years. However, THIS is a more budget-friendly option on Macy’s and I love THIS ONE on Amazon.

We’re not sheets snobs or anything around here so we put a set similar to THESE on the registry in white and they do the job well! THIS SET on Amazon also has amazing reviews and I’ve heard many people talk about how much they love them. I will say too that my mom got us a set from Costco that we also really love. If you know you’ll need sheets for a guest bed too, I’d suggest asking for at least two sets.

White towels are fantastic at showing how much makeup you fail to get off your face while washing it. Ha! However, I love them and we still have them all over our house! I can’t find the exact set that we received (and still use!) but THIS set is very similar. We ordered two sets in the white and two in the gray. Tip: Every so often wash all of your towels with a cup of white vinegar. It will remove any residues remaining on the fibers and fluff them right back up!


The vacuum we received from our registry is definitely one of our most used items in our home! However, I realized that we have a lot of vacuums around this place. Our Shark, Nigel (our robot vacuum for those that haven’t met him yet), a handheld vacuum, and our shop vac. The crazy thing is we use every single one of them very frequently!! I could go on and on about vacuums (I’d never think I’d say that) but what I would do now is ask for THIS cordless option. I really love my Shark which is why I’m partial to it but I’ve also heard amazing things about THIS Dyson. I can’t really say which one is better since I don’t have either but I think I’d go with the Shark personally. They are a bit more on the pricey side but considering how much we use our vacuums I think it would be worth it and praise the Lord for cordless!!!

If you have pets or children or plan on having either of those, I can’t recommend this carpet cleaner enough. We use it on the couches, floors, cars, you name it. It works wonders around here! We also use our wet/dry vacuum a ton to clean up projects, the back patio, and the garage. THIS ONE on Amazon has great reviews and has a lot of useful features!

We also added a luggage set because ours was not worthy of being seen in public anymore or functioning for that matter…

There you have it! Two years later and I would still pick very similar items to what we included on our registry with a few exceptions. My best friend also included some games on hers like Sequence and Cards Against Humanity which I thought was a great and fun idea!

I hope that this post helps make your registry process a bit easier. I know it can be a little stressful but try to have fun with it! If you need any help along the way, you know where to find me.

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