September 25, 2018

Hi! Let’s just get right into this! Last week I asked you all what to do over our guest bed. I worked with Carpenter Farmhouse to have this beautiful sign made and wanted to show it off over our new shiplap wall. Most people picked option 1 which was the @cottonstem hoop wreaths with the words underneath it sign horizontally. But only a few less people suggested option 4 which was to stack the words and frame it with a garland. Ultimately, we decided on option 4 with a little twist!

I was really torn between the two options but ultimately decided on this one for now because I knew it wouldn’t take much time and would be very inexpensive. Have no fear though! I’m sure I’ll incorporate the Cotton Stem beauts into our home eventually!

Putting this together above the bed was very simple!

What you’ll need:

What to do:

  • Optional- stain the letters with Dark Walnut stain. The left is after the stain and the right side is before the stain.

Modern Farmhouse Sign

  • Cut the command strips into small rectangles. Stick them to the backs of the words but don’t remove the paper from the side that sticks to the wall just yet.

  • Determine where you want the words placed.
  • Remove all of the backs of the commands strips and gently press the word on the wall. Be really careful! They are fragile. I placed the “our” on first. Do the same with the remaining two words. It helped a lot to have Stephen hold them while I determined exactly where to place them from a distance.
  • Cut the garland in half.
  • Determine where you want the garland on the wall and nail directly through a few leaves along the garland. We used 3 nails on the bottom garland and 4 on the top one.

  • There ya have it!

Let me know if you have any questions! Thank you all for the support.

with joy
jordan jean


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