September 13, 2017

Best Apps for Wedding Planning #WeddingWednesday

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Wedding planning is not the easiest thing to do in the world. Luckily, there are plenty of apps to help brides stay organized and feel inspired through the planning process. My mom and I planned my entire wedding from top to bottom so it was really important that we were both on the same page. There of course are so many different apps to choose from but these were by far the most useful. I hope they help you as much as they did us!

  • Wedding Wire

Wedding Wire is a good place to start if you have no idea what in the heck you’re doing (like us). There are all sorts of resources on there including a timeline and checklist. Most importantly, it’s an excellent place to research local companies, venues, vendors, etc. The reviews of vendors are extremely useful.

  • The Knot

We made our wedding website using The Knot. I could’ve made one myself but it’s free through The Knot and it had everything we needed. Furthermore, I knew it wouldn’t be used after the wedding so going through the trouble to make one from scratch wasn’t worth it to me. It was very easy to setup through The Knot. There are so many templates to choose from and it even has an RSVP option for guests, which we ended up offering. Guests just went go to the site, RSVPed, and moved on with their day. On my end, it was great because everything stayed organized and it was easy to know who had accepted and who had declined the invitations.

  • Pinterest

The holy grail for wedding planning… This is inspiration central as you probably know. I used Pinterest very often at the beginning of planning. It helped me hone in on what I wanted for our big day. I have to warn you though, sometimes it’s inspiration overload. Pick your theme and stick to it! There will always something original and beautiful pop up on your feed. The last 4 months or so leading up to the wedding I tried to stay away from Pinterest for that very reason.

  • Google Sheets

This app was KEY for us! Seriously, it was such a life saver. Everyone involved in planning the wedding was in a different state. I was in Kentucky, Stephen was in Mississippi, my Mom was in Virginia, and my maid of honor was in Iowa. It was insane! This app is how we all stayed on the same page with budget, guest list, vendors, seating chart, to-do list, etc. We used the wedding planner template which kept everything so organized. If you’re planning a wedding, I would highly suggest using this! I still use our wedding planner sheet to this day because it has all of our family member’s addresses (great for writing invitations!).  It is also accessible on the computer and phone which makes it super convenient.

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