February 10, 2020

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

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Valentine's Day

In the past I haven’t typically done posts like this but the other day I was ordering Stephen a set of workout clothes from Fabletics and thought, “Oohhh! This would be really cute in a basket for Valentine’s Day with a few other fun things for him!” then one thing led to another and well… We’re here. I know an individuals personality is going to play a big part in how they feel loved (have you ever read The Five Love Languages? If not, I highly suggest doing so!). Stephen, for example, isn’t much of a gift guy but whenever I do things like this it does make him surprisingly happy. I also have a lot of fun putting it all together. It’ll be even more fun to do with kids someday too!

Someday when we have the opportunity to get our children gifts we’re most likely going to follow a “want, need, wear, read” type of system. Erin from @cottonstem shared about this and I think it’s genius! For Valentine’s Day, I modified it a bit when putting together these baskets to “wear, read, play, need, eat”. You can totally modify this however works best for your family and/or swap out certain categories for others. Stephen and I love games but don’t buy them really ever so this provides a fun opportunity to do so!

Gift Basket Idea
Stephen’s basket including his “want, read, need, eat”. Not pictured: a workout top and shorts from Fabletics… His “wear”.

Here are some ideas for items to put in each category if you wish. You can click on the pictures below! They’re all from Target or Amazon so that you can get them in time for Valentine’s Day (except for the outfit that I ordered Stephen which is from Fabletics).

Gift Idea
My basket fits right into the “wear, read, want, need” or “wear, read, eat, need”. However you prefer to categorize it. 😉

For the record, this is by no means necessary to do! Your loved one might feel more loved if you just sit down and watch a movie together or they might love flowers! Each person can be so different. For those that enjoy things like this though, I hope this helps!

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