April 2, 2021

Small Updates to Ellie’s Closet + How we Organize her Clothes

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One of the great parts about Ellie Joy’s bedroom is that her closet is massive! As we were working on her bedroom makeover, I knew that I wanted to make her closet more functional, organized, and overall better than before (if I was able to) as my friend Brooke (@nestingwithgrace) says. Someday I hope to build an even more functional storage system to optimize every inch but with a few simple changes, it’s already way better than it was when we started in her room!

Here’s how it looked to start (not horrible or anything! It could just use some freshening up!):

Closet Update

And now!

After Photo

A big need for us was clothes storage for Ellie. She is growing out of her clothes so quickly! It makes most sense for us to keep out the clothes that she can actually fit into and put the rest into bins for if we have another girl someday. These bins make the most sense for us because we like being able to see what is inside of them and they are durable enough for our frequent moves. We love having one type of bin for an entire category (ideally that would be the case for all of our stuff!) so we will get a few more of these as she grows. I forgot to capture a photo of the disaster it was before but we originally had all of her clothes in vacuum bags and it was a mess. Everything got jumbled around and unorganized. It drove us crazy! This works so much better for us!

I created THESE labels using my Cricut to put on the side of each bin. If you also have a Cricut, you can cut them for free here. If we ever have a boy someday, I’ll use a different color vinyl to differentiate the bins. We are so fortunate to receive hand-me-downs every few months from Ellie’s cousins! She definitely has no shortage of clothes.

Baby closet

While I was spraying her room (learn how we paint more efficiently HERE), I went ahead and painted the inside of the closet and the shelf. We also removed the rod and I painted it with black spray paint that we had on hand. The paint has chipped a tiny bit from using the hangers on it too soon but overall it is better than it was before. We will get a new rod if we reconfigure the space someday. Our motto with this house just might have to be: don’t underestimate the power of paint!!! Something as simple as paint makes it feel so refreshed!

Ellie's Closet

There was just a light bulb in here originally that served its purpose but we added this fixture for some character! I will admit, I was really tempted to add some wallpaper but since we anticipate adding more shelves in the future, I decided to wait on it and save the wallpaper for another spot in the house.

We hung up dresses and sweaters using these hangers. I’ve realized I really like the felt hangers because they prevent clothes from slipping off! The other side of the closet is used to store big baby items that we don’t use daily and Stephen’s uniforms. Random tidbit: this 3-tiered cart is SO useful as a nursing/pumping cart! Since we don’t need it for that purpose right now, we use it to store burp cloths, her shoes, and some extra supplies.

Closet Makeover

A dear friend of mine, Laura, sent Ellie a precious handmade rainbow ornament to celebrate her arrival (you can read about her story HERE!). It makes me smile every time I see it and is a perfect touch on her closet door. I know Ellie at this time has zero cares about how her closet looks or how well it functions but some simple changes in there make it feel like every inch of her space has been loved on and thought through and worked on with purpose. Goodness! Almost like the way her precious life was set into motion by our Creator. Her space serves as a teeny tiny reflection of the joyful light that she is.

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