April 27, 2021

Ellie’s Current Favorites (8 Months Old)

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Ellie's Favorites
  • Guava Travel Crib – A friend of ours got this for us because she said it’s the best and she was SO RIGHT (thank you, Laura!!)! Not only does it fold up into a case that makes it easy to travel with but it also makes a great little play pen if we need to keep her a little confined. We use it in the kitchen while we cook, on the porch outside, or while I workout in the garage every day. She sits in there with her books and toys and just has a blast.
  • Sophie – Sophie has become Ellie’s right hand … Giraffe. Anytime we’re out at our usual stops, if Sophie isn’t in Ellie’s hand it’s always a, “Ellie, where’s Sophie?!”
  • Balls, Blocks & Buddies Interactive Toys – Ellie’s cousin really loved these toys around her age so Grandma got her a set. There’s a bunch of different blocks, balls, and different animals with varying textures and colors. They’re definitely a favorite of hers.
  • Hiking backpack – Ellie and I have been having a lot of fun doing things together while I carry her in this backpack. We mow the lawn together, do yard work, cook dinner, you name it. Heck we might even use it while hiking here in the next couple of weeks. 😉 She babbles and giggles most of the time while she peaks her head out of the side to make sure she doesn’t miss anything!
  • Never Touch a Panda – Grandma also got Ellie this book and she LOVES it! It has different textures on each page to interact with. Every time we put it in front of her she gets so excited. It’s fun to watch her figure out on her own how to flip the pages and feel the different textures. It keeps her entertained for so long!
  • Little Blue Truck – Ellie loves the animal noises we make every time we read this book to her. She can be protesting sleep and as soon as we start reading it, she giggles. It’s the best.
8 Month Old Favorites
8 Month Old Favorites

I wasn’t kidding when I said she loves it in there! She’s a ball of JOY that one! I’m grateful you joined me here today. I hope you have the best day!

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