February 1, 2018

The Purpose Behind JordanJean.com

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Why I blogWhy I blogThe purpose behind jordanjean.com is something that has been churning in my brain for a while now. I mean really, really churning. I have a lot to say so it feels good to be sitting here and letting my brain dump out on this page. Hopefully I can translate my thoughts so that it makes sense at least a little bit. Don’t expect anything perfect here.

Let’s get into this… If you’ve been “following” me for a while now, you know that this blog has changed quite a bit over the years. I’ve made quite a few “mistakes” and learned so much from this process. Originally I was really upset with my indecisiveness to the point where I was ashamed but eventually I came to realize one simple truth – change means growth. Quite frankly, I never felt confident in my previous blogs. It wasn’t until I finally decided to stick to my “gut” (aka listen to God) that I felt at peace with my little space of the internet known as jordanjean.com.

It probably sounds stupid reading that and I don’t blame you. But imagine working 50+ hours a week at your “real job” and then coming home to spend the rest of your free time working on something you’re not passionate about. Now THAT is stupid. No one should be doing that. Ultimately, I’m passionate about elevating others’ lives, spreading joy, SERVING, and sharing LIFE (because you guys… It can be dang hard sometimes). That right there is my WHY! When I realized that Donut Ever Stop (and every other blog up to that point) was not the best way to do that, I made the change. It was a slow evolution but now we are finally here.

Let me make something really clear. This is purely passion. I mean, seriously, I’ve made a whopping $8.10 from this blog. Yes, you read that right. EIGHT DOLLARS. Did I celebrate by texting my friends when I reached $5? You betcha. That’s almost a whole burrito bowl! I will also say that just as a mother wants her baby to flourish (because hello, this is my baby right now), I want jordanjean.com to do the same. I want to look back on the long hours and late nights, the battles won against insecurities, the mess-ups, the leaps of faith, the small successes, you name it and be proud of the journey. If this passion turns into a solid income source for my family, I will be really dang proud of that. It’s no easy feat to get there.

I’m sorry if this comes as a surprise but my life is not perfect (no one’s is) nor do I aim for perfection. Jesus doesn’t expect perfect out of me. You know what else? Perfect is BORING. So if you’re expecting to find that “blogger life”, you won’t find it here. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE I mean really love beautiful photos. I always have. There’s nothing wrong with people that only share beautiful photos all of the time. Heck, I’m hoping there will be plenty shared on here. But I want you to know if there is ever a beautiful photo posted on anything associated with me, there’s also a really ugly outtake along with it (which I have no shame in showing). There’s also probably laundry piled way too high over the hamper, a dog chewing on the corner of the couch, and PB&J with a side of spinach for dinner. Don’t be fooled, people. We’re all just human.

Along with beautiful photos I love beautiful things. More specifically, I love beautiful inexpensive things. If you think I’m the type of girl to spend thousands on a purse, I’m going to laugh. That is not where my priorities lie and I believe a lot of you out there feel the same way. But does it make me a sandwich? If so then maybe I’ll reconsider (only kidding). Again, don’t be fooled, friends. Most beautiful things people are flaunting in their photos were paid with a maxed out credit card. I refuse to be one of those people (and I highly suggest you do the same).

Side note: I’ll be talking a lot about budget on here coming up. It’s something that I’ve become SO passionate about and I fully believe that living debt free is key to living an elevated life.

Along with discussing money and life, I plan to share all of the little things such as food, fitness, fashion, home, travel, DIY, beauty, the list goes on and on, that make my life more joyful. Maybe you read that and you’re like, “How in the heck can fashion make life more joyful?” Do you see that red dress up there? I bought that sucker for $15 and felt like Kate Middleton in it. It made me smile as soon as the back was zipped up and for every second I was in it other than when I wasn’t freezing my tail off. So yeah, things like that elevate my life sometimes so if they can do that for your life too I’m sure as heck going to share.

I have a lot more to say. Maybe I’ll dump that on another post later. One more thing I do want to say though is THANK YOU. Even if you’re brand new here and this is the first post you’ve read of mine. Seriously, thank you. You guys wouldn’t believe how much small messages such as, “I really love your wedding posts! They are so useful!” really mean to me. Like I said, I’m making pocket change here… It’s not for the money. Some days I’m downright exhausted and it feels like I’m crawling so to hear things like that from you all really keeps me so motivated and inspired to share more. Thank you for reading!

Along with that there are a couple more people I need to thank specifically for helping me make my little vision come to fruition-

Natalee Tanap of @natalligraphy: If you need someone to hand letter anything for you – contact her. Everything she touches is beautiful (including my logos).

Savannah Yokley of Savannah Yokley Design: Savannah has put up with so much of my crap. Honestly, I don’t know how she didn’t cut me off from our blood line (she’s my cousin) but man am I thankful she didn’t. Any time I have code troubles or any other problem for that matter, she’s there. By the way, anything paper related at our wedding was created by Savannah. She’s so incredibly talented.

Red Dress | Another Option I Love | Nude Heels | Similar Scarf (my BFF got mine in Spain)

Photography by Luck & Love Photography

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